Blog PostPre-Wedding Celebration Ideas

wpengine April 20, 2018

As the “rules” of weddings dissipate, you have the freedom to celebrate your love with your partner in ways that are unique to you. Also, your pre-wedding festivities can be hosted by and include anyone; male and female alike. Read on for ideas on pre-wedding celebrations that are sure to be fun and inclusive to everyone.

Couples Wedding Shower

You can have a joint shower! It allows you and your partner to invite friends and family from both sides, to take part in the event and share your love and excitement. The party can be as formal or informal as you both want. There are games everyone can play such as Wedding Bingo, The Newlywed Game and Couples Trivia, to name a few. If you’re surrounded by supportive people who love you, the celebration will be fabulous!


A more low-key way to celebrate is over brunch with family and friends. The guest list is totally up to you! You can opt for a gourmet meal at a local cafe, a brunch buffet or plan a potluck at someone’s home. Everyone bonds over food! The main goal is the get your loved ones in one space to celebrate the joyous occasion with you.

Day Trip or Night Out  

Celebrate with a day trip or night out! This can be your bachelor/ette celebration all in one.  You can invite your partner or just keep it limited to your circle of friends. This is great for couples who like to get out and do things. You can go on a road-trip, see a comedy show, get food and drinks or whatever you enjoy doing.

There are no rules when it comes to pre-wedding celebrations! You should celebrate this time in your life however you’d like. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your events and remember to enjoy the time with your loved ones!

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