Blog PostPre-Wedding Must-Do’s For A Bride To Be

w411dev September 17, 2018

Congrats on your engagement and happy almost wedding day! You’ve made it through all of the ring selfies, engagement photos, wedding shower and an intense year or two of planning. Now you’re almost ready to walk down the aisle. To ensure you have completed everything, read through these recommendations:

Practice Your Vows

If your ceremony has a traditional vibe, you’ll most likely have to prepare vows. The more prepared you are to read your vows, the better you will sound. Start by writing your vows on paper. Once your thoughts are down, this will give you the opportunity to re-read, reflect and change any line you want to make it sound better.

Establish A Skin Care Routine

Every bride wants glowing wedding skin— and unless a naturally clear complexion runs in your family, establishing a skin care routine that clears imperfections is no easy task. Skin care products include a lot of ingredients, and some are prone to make certain skin types worse. To avoid a mishap, test a variety of products to find the face wash, moisturizer or toner that works the best for your skin ahead of time.

Find Comfortable Shoes

Whether you decided to wear heels, sandals or flats, they have to be comfortable. With the amount of standing, dancing and walking around you will be doing, you’ll want a pair of shoes that are snug enough to fit right, but a pair that won’t give you blisters. Try looking for stilettos that have some extra cushion in the arch or a lower heel.

Invest In A Quality Bra 

This is something that a lot of brides overlook, and then regret not doing so on the day of their wedding. Depending on the style of your wedding dress, a well-supportive bra might just do the trick! Not only do you want an undergarment that is fitted properly, but soft as well, so much that is feels unnoticeable!

Test Your Look

Appearance is something that, as a bride, you’re bound to worry about. You want to look your best for your significant other, guests and especially, for yourself! Before making your grand entrance, try the entire look on. Talk with your makeup artist and hairstylist to determine what makeup look and hair style enhances your features the best.
To keep these tasks as organized as possible, have a planner or checklist on hand to keep track of your must-do’s and when they’ve been completed. In doing so, you’ll be well-prepared and properly pampered for the big reveal and aware of the things that still need to be done beforehand.