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Pro TipStop following everyone’s advice, check them out for yourself. There is enough information available these days to make an educated decision – if all the boxes tic, then book it!

by Brad Zisow — Owner, Bradley Images

There are so many important decisions to make when planning your perfect wedding day and one key element is the photographer. According to Brad Zisow, owner of Bradley Images, there are three P’s of photography:

  1. Price
  2. Package
  3. Personality

So, when you are shopping for your photographer, focus on those principal factors and keep in mind, “this is an appreciating asset – it’s not about chasing the price.”

With 29 years of experience and over 3,000+ weddings encompassing every venue, ethnicity, religion, and culture, Bradley Images is all about quality, customer service, and going above and beyond to help their couples. Brad and his team love what they do – they are enthusiastic and enjoy getting their couples excited about their upcoming big day. They are there to support their couples in any way they can – if you need additional vendor resources for hair, makeup, invitations, etc., they are always willing to share their knowledge. No matter who you are working with on the Bradley Images’ team, Brad is always accessible – just think of him as the “air-traffic controller.

Today, many couples are trying to decide if they should have an engagement photo session to announce their big day. To help guide you and determine if this is the right choice for you, Bradley Images provides you with some good advice before you book:

  • If you do not like having your photo taken, then do not proceed with the shoot
  • If you do not have the personality for it, then do not proceed and focus on capturing the wedding day
  • Your wedding day is driven by emotions, not so with a staged photo shoot
  • If your budget is tight, take out the engagement photo session

On the big day, Bradley Images spotlights three types of shots – artistic, traditional, and storytelling. For the artistic shot – they emphasize on the posed emotional shot, the traditional look of the full-length shot of the gown and family members, and the candid shots that tell a story.

Some couples find themselves with price concerns, finding it hard to accommodate all they desire. Bradley Images recommends some alternative relief – consider booking your wedding on a weekday, a Friday, or off-season. This will allow you to book the quality vendors you aspire for on the big day.

If you are thinking about a get-away/destination wedding, Bradley Images has done it all – from Ireland, Bahamas, St. Thomas to Memphis and beyond. They have also photographed many themed weddings such as the Mad Hatter, Star Wars, Zombie Apocalypse, and a cocktail party that turned into a surprise wedding. They have even done an engagement shoot in a graveyard for a Goth couple. From the traditional to the far-out themed wedding, Bradley Images can manage it all.

Bradley Images is all about assisting their clients. If you live in a different city or country, fear not – Bradley Images can meet via Zoom anytime – they can even design your wedding album via Zoom. Remember, it is NOT all about the money! Whatever your needs are – you can bet on Bradley Images to deliver you the best customer service, quality, product, and price.

Brad ZisowFebruary 27, 2022

Brad Zisow

There are so many important decisions to make when planning your perfect wedding day and one key element is the photographer.

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