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Pro TipAssisting Couples Find Their Starter or Dream Home by Listening, Communicating, Honesty & Professionalism

by Amy Bull Smith, Amy Bull Smith

A GOOD real estate agent “knows” the area and can pull up information on houses, townhouses, and condos that are available. A GREAT real estate agent is involved in the community, knows about the school system, where the closest shopping is, and can share about the area with knowledge; guiding you to the moment when you both find your perfect home.

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Pro TipCreating a Happy Environment by Providing Quality Coffee Anywhere

by Josh Dew— CEO, Vagrant Coffee

Did you know that great coffee is available to be served outside of the 4 walls of a coffee shop? A state-of-the-art, mobile latte and expresso bar offering a beverage menu of coffee, with or without alcohol for you and your guests is available. Mobile carts or customized Mini Coopers are waiting to come to anywhere that two or more people are gathering. A great added touch for your reception, rehearsal dinner, shower, or for any occasion.

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Pro TipDocumenting Your Wedding – Insuring a Fabulous Keepsake For Future Generations

by David Hercenberg— Producer, Documented Video Productions

An insurance policy cannot protect your wedding memories. Capturing emotions, priceless moments, and all of the little, yet important, details with a skillfully crafted production will protect your keepsake for years to come.

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Pro TipCelebrating 100 Years! Built on Customer Service, Community & Concern For The Environment

by Janet Garman— VP , Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners

Every day we pass numerous cleaning establishments as we are out and about. However, none of them have been around as a family-run business for 100 years, or offer all that Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners does.

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Pro TipRelationships Have A Major Impact In Gaining Client Trust And Long-Term Loyalty

by Larry Frank— VP/Partner, The Classic Catering People

Many local caterers have the same fresh ingredients available to them. So what allows one to stand out from the others - PEOPLE! The people we choose to work with, the vendors we collaborate with, and the talented extraordinary people we employ, all look at the hospitality industry as their career, not just a job. Nurturing that talent is something we take seriously.

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Pro TipDetails on Choosing Wedding Bands That Fit Your LifeStyle

by Kim Michael— 34 Yr Wedding Jewelry Expert, Smyth Jewelers

“Wedding bands are one of the only items that last beyond your wedding day. Make them a priority and check them off your list early . . . . your wedding day comes quicker than you would expect!”

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Pro TipMagically Inspired & Unique Wedding Ceremonies

by Sandy Queen— Officiant, Weddings by Sandy

For over a decade, Weddings by Sandy has been helping couples unite in the Mid-Atlantic Region; Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia and West Virginia. As a non-denominational officiant, Sandy has the same legal standing as a mainstream officiant, making marriage licenses signed by her valid and recognized.

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Pro TipMake A First Impression with Custom Wedding Invitations

by Cink DeVeas, Cink Art, LLC

The first impression of your wedding is also a glimpse into what is to come. It is when the tone and vibe of the special event, that you are planning, happens. This is imprinted in the mind of your family and friends when they receive the Save-The-Date or open the envelope of your invitation.

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Pro TipHow To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Day Makeup

by Lindsay Shields, #NoFilter Glam

It’s the morning of your wedding. You wake up excited, nervous, and a little anxious. You’ve dreamed about and planned this day for months, maybe years. Every detail has been planned to perfection from your dress down to the font you used on the invitations. There is a sense of relief knowing the hair and makeup artists will be showing up soon and with that, the beginning of one of the best days of your life.

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