Blog PostPros & Cons Of A Cruise Honeymoon

w411dev April 25, 2019

Among couples who choose a traditional wedding, a whopping 99% take a honeymoon. Of these, about 10% are newlyweds who take cruises for their honeymoon, which cost them around $4,000. Most couples that have cruised on a honeymoon say it’s very romantic. Still, if you are searching for exclusive honeymoon ideas on a budget, camping or “weddingmoons” can be exciting options. Some couples can’t get over their good cruising memories—they describe their honeymoon cruises as full of romantic opportunities and memories. Whatever that involves, a cruise can be a brilliant choice to reunite after the bustling wedding planning process.


Extra Intimate Onboard Atmosphere

Certain cruise lines offer adults only and honeymoon packages and boast a cruise wedding registry and add on shore excursions. The atmosphere is sure to be romantic and memorable. Before booking, go through your honeymoon cruise guide to ensure you experience exactly what you expect. Cruise ships are determined to make you feel special, some have champagne included in your overall cost, so you may find a chilled bottle waiting for you in your cabin or fresh flowers to welcome you. Another notable advantage of the honeymoon cruise is that photographers are waiting to take stunning photos of you.

Different Cuisines and Personalized Services

There will be many romantic dining options on a cruise honeymoon. Cruise ships are filled with restaurants and top chefs that specialize in desired cuisine. Customize your experience in advance, and let yourselves enjoy breakfast in bed, dining reservation on a private table for two and unique spa appointments. Couples also get the chance to have light moments with a qualified, personal butler.

Entertaining Onboard Activities & Excursions

Typically, every ship has its own, unique offers. You can expect anything ranging from movies on big screens to magic shows, and dancing lessons. Cruise ships are ideal for active honeymooners who are interested in water sports. Some of the water activities include water skiing, snorkeling and paddle boarding. Modern cruise ships pride themselves in their health and beauty treatments, such as spa services. Among the amenities offered include on-board fitness opportunities to improve your health while keeping you entertained.


Possible Seasickness

Cruising can sometimes be challenging. While at sea, you cannot predict whether you will get seasick or not. Its side effects can include stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting. There are over the counter medications that can help with motion sickness, so maybe pack some just to be on the side of caution.

Hidden Charges

A number of voyagers claim that some cruise ships have hidden charges, and require you to pay for Wi-Fi. We advise you to ask these questions when booking and check your board account keenly during your stay to prevent your bills adding up.

Whatever you choose for your honeymoon, be certain to disconnect from the outside world, relax and enjoy each others company.

Written By: Cassie Steele