Blog PostPros & Cons of A Short Engagement

wpengine November 30, 2018

One of the first steps of the wedding planning process is setting a wedding date. This is not always an easy decision for many reasons. First, ask yourself if you want a long engagement or a shorter one. As with most wedding planning decisions, it’s important to go through all the pros and cons in order to choose the best option for you. Read on for the pros and cons of a short engagement.

Pro: Excitement

A short engagement allows you to wedding plan while on a high from your proposal, which adds to the excitement of planning. Some couples feel that long engagements can make the wedding planning process more overwhelming, because they have so much time to worry over their decisions and to-do lists instead of just deciding because they are on a time crunch.

Con: Details Can Get Overlooked

Planning a wedding takes time to research, contact and coordinate wedding vendors.  Within a few months, you will have to make many decisions. While this is helpful to avoid overthinking, it is also risky because you may be so busy that you overlook little details that you wish you had thought about.

Pro: Start Married Life Sooner

A short engagement might be ideal for you if you’ve dated your partner for many many years, live together, are very eager to begin the next phase of your relationship or just don’t desire elaborate wedding celebrations.

Con: Compromising Your Ideal Date, Venue & Vendor

A shorter engagement will likely require you to make more compromises. You might not get the exact date, venue or wedding vendor you want since these things book fast. A quick way to find available wedding services and products is attending Maryland wedding shows.

**Would You Consider A Flash Wedding?

Flash Weddings are emerging on the wedding scene. Usually, 2-15 people gather at a public location for an impromptu wedding. You can even make it a surprise to your guest.  Click Here to read how a local couple shocked their family and friends with a surprise wedding at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

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