Blog PostRohan & Anne-Marie: 06.14.20 Real Wedding

Julie Ambridge November 3, 2020

Photographer/Videographer/Live Streaming: Dave McIntosh Photographics / Wedding Venue: Holiday Inn Express – Kent Island / Wedding Coordinator: The Elopers

The theme of our entire planning process? Pivot. As any engaged couple can attest to, wedding planning proves to be challenging. With both of us coming from different cultures, where weddings and rituals look drastically different, we always knew that our day would be a unique one. If bringing two worlds together didn’t prove challenging enough, little did we know that a world-wide pandemic would arise and completely throw our train off its tracks.

The week we received our wedding invitations was the same week many states began to shut down. While we remained steadfast in the plan of getting married, the reality set in that adjustments would be needed.

After weeks of brainstorming, working with vendors, and receiving the amazing support from our loved ones – we tried to put little pieces into place. We were able to finish the fittings of our outfits, friends of friends were hopping in to help with locations, food, and make up, and a few key loved ones were willing to go the distance to be there on our day. 

Hindu Priest (Pandit): Dinesh Jani (Shiva Shakti Center)
Bride’s Christian Dress: Bridals by Elena
Groom/Groomsmen Christian Attire: The Black Tux

One of the best adjustments was working with our photographer, Dave. Through his professionalism and creativity, we went from a day filled with only photos to two live streamed ceremonies so friends and family around the world could tune in and share our love. In the end, we went from what would have been a 250+ person wedding to a 25 person wedding that was literally finalized days before the actual ceremony. 

Throughout the day, we were so grateful to still be able to plan last minute surprises for each other, video chat with our loved ones, and have what turned out to be a perfect and intimate day. Even today, as we enjoy our quarantined honeymoon, we feel beyond blessed to have put together something that so accurately represents us – the traditions of where we came from, nods to where we are in this present moment, and future days filled with love and laughter.

Written By: Rohan T.

Wedding Highlights
Hindu ceremony
Christian Ceremony

Cake: Fields of Heather Bakery
Hair and Makeup: Caitlin Boone of Pretty Weird Beauty

Cake: Fields of Heather Bakery
Formal Wear: The Black Tux
Hair & Makeup: Caitlin Boone of Pretty Weird Beauty
Photography: Dave McIntosh Photographics
Planner: The Elopers
Reception: Holiday Inn Express – Kent Island
Wedding Gown: Bridals by Elena