Blog PostWhat Shoes To Pair With Your Wedding Dress Style

wpengine June 8, 2018

Once you find THE dress, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect wedding shoes to pair with it. Your shoes will enhance your outfit because it allows you to further incorporate your personality and style. It’s important to take the wedding dress you choose into account when searching for the shoes that you will wear when walking the most memorable walks of your life. Below are a few ideas of what you could pair with each dress style.

Intricate Long Gown

Long wedding gown styles from ballgown to mermaid will cover the majority of your shoes. However, your wedding shoes can always peek out when walking or sitting. If your dress is “blinged-out” with beading, lace and/or jewels you may want a pair of shoes that match that bold look. A great option is to customize a pair of heels with lace, pearls or gems to match your dress.

Simple Long Gown

If you want to wear a simpler long gown opt for shoes that add a bit of bling or flare to your look. If bling isn’t your style and comfort is, you could wear Converse sneakers, a new trend in the wedding shoe scene. Comfort is equally as important as being fashionable, so you don’t trip over your dress or ruin your time feeling uncomfortable.  

Short Dress

You have the option to wear a short dress all day or to change into one for the reception. Your shoes will be completely visible in a short dress so statement shoes that shows off your individual style is a top option. Examples include: colored high heels, glittery flats from your favorite designer or a pair of cowboy boots.

Light & Flowy Dress

If you are having an outdoor or beach wedding you may want a light and flowy dress. Keep in mind that skinny heels do not mix well with grass or sand. Flats, wedges or chunky heels are always a better option, so you can walk effortlessly. Going barefoot is another option too, be sure to get a quality pedicure and possibly opt for bejeweled footwear.

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