Blog PostSimple Wedding Ideas For Minimalist Couples

w411dev October 1, 2018

When everyone around you is talking about how grand they want their wedding to be, it’s almost a little odd to take the minimalist route. However,  some people are more inclined towards quieter, more intimate ceremonies and believe elegance lies in simplicity. If this sounds like you, read on for simple wedding ideas to celebrate in a minimalist way.

Backyard Venue 

If you have enough space, turning your backyard into a wedding venue allows for nature to be the backdrop. Simple additions can add to the elegance of the space, such as manicuring your lawn, planting shrubbery and hanging a few decorations from tree branches. Also, this option will save you a huge expense.

Wear The Dress, Don’t Let It Wear You

Any fashion diva will tell you, those who know how to pull off simple wedding garments and ornament them with their personality are those who have class. Consider a lovely Oleg Cassini wedding dress with small lace details. You won’t need anything more than a few minimalist accessories to complete the look.

Muted Color Palettes

Muted colors can actually give your ceremony an almost ethereal feel.  The palette doesn’t have to be loud to be beautiful,  softer colors are actually easier to arrange and work with.  Light pastels will help achieve this look or even a mix of sage green, heather grey and ivory.

Include One Unique Element 

Your wedding doesn’t need to look like a Pinterest board. Just include one standout element. It can be a unique place card display or wedding guest book, photo table dedicated to loved ones who have passed or a fun outdoor bar display to name a few.

A simple wedding doesn’t mean boring. Remember to relax and enjoy your wedding in a way that makes you happy.

Written By: Sophia Smith