Blog PostThe Do’s and Don’ts Of a Spring Wedding

wpengine March 03, 2017


Although there are certain best practices and guides that can help us plan and put into life a perfect wedding party, some rules differ depending on what season you choose for your big day.

Given this and the fact that spring is right upon us, we created this ultimate guide to perfect wedding in spring. Below you’ll find tried-and-proven do’s and don’ts that will help you organize a really remarkable spring wedding. So sit down comfortably, take a deep breath, and get ready to learn something you won’t regret.


Think of lighting

Early spring days are not as long as you’d like them to be. That’s why you should plan your wedding ceremony for as early as possible (but make sure to stay reasonable). This way, you’’ be able to capture the most of the sunlight. Have no doubts that your photographers will also value this decision.

Choose pastel colors

Spring is perfect for weddings decorated in pastel wedding colors. As the greenery is fresh and the sunlight is still so tender, these colors seem to be the most natural choice to make. That’s not to say that red or dark blue will ruin everything, but beige or light pink will sure do much better.

Use seasonal flowers

As theory explains, we choose flowers based on our personality traits. People inclined to drama chose Cymbidium orchids and Gardenias, romantic people prefer roses, and so forth. And although this theory is sure worth your attention, you’d better to rely on seasonal flowers for your wedding day. Not only will this help you save a decent sum of money, but also will make your event look more natural. Luckily, spring boasts of beautiful flowers like peonies, hydrangea, and tulips.



Don’t think the weather will be fine

Any professional wedding planner would agree that virtually anything can be kept under control. Anything but weather. And given that spring is one of the most unstable seasons, we strongly encourage you not to check your level of luck and rent a wedding tent that will save you and your guests from a sudden rain.

Don’t forget about Easter, graduation, and spring break

The odds are good that you’ll want all your relatives and close friends be right there with you when you say the most important ‘Yes’ in your life. If that’s true, you should keep in mind that spring is full of special events that might give your guests hard times being present at your wedding. So don’t forget about traditional holidays and graduation dates when choosing the date of your ceremony.


Don’t underestimate the problem of allergy

Hopefully, neither you nor your guests suffer from severe seasonal allergies. But if it’s not so, you’d better think of possible risks when planning your outdoor ceremony in spring, when so many trees and flowers are in blossom. Tears and running noses are only good when they happen because of a heartwarming wedding kiss or a sincere speech given by a bride or a groom.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons of spring weddings. Despite being the most tender and emotionally uplifting season, spring is also a little messy with its unpredictable weather, plenty of holidays, and so forth. But here’s what you should remember: in case you’re getting married with someone truly special, nothing like itchy eyes or early evening can ruin your day. So make sure to do all that depends on you, but don’t get too overwhelmed. They say that marriages are made in heaven, and we encourage you to keep this in mind and enjoy your happy day no matter what.