Blog PostTips On Creating A Backup Plan For Your Outdoor Wedding

w411dev February 15, 2018

Couples who are planning to have an unconventional and inexpensive wedding often opt to have their wedding ceremony outdoors as the casual setting sets the mood for more fun later. A 2016 survey has found that in recent years, unexpected places to wed are on the rise with only 26% of ceremonies performed in religious institutions. As the outdoor and destination wedding trend continues to be popular among young couples, it’s likely that more ceremonies will be taking place out in nature within the year. But if you’re planning to have your wedding in a public garden, the beach, or in your backyard, it’s important to have all the bases covered in case of a sudden downpour or other emergencies that may come up. Here’s how to create the perfect backup plan for a successful outdoor wedding.

Rent a tent
The weather forecast may say that you’ll have the perfect weather on your big day, but it’s important to prepare in case of inclement weather. Think ahead and rent a tent. Some tenting companies will charge only 50% of the cost of the full rental fee if you put the tent on hold, and it’s usually non-refundable. However, it’s better to have a tent on standby especially if you live in an area that has unpredictable weather. For warmth, consider having a few outdoor tabletop ethanol fireplaces on standby too. Lighting this type of fireplace is a cinch as you’ll only need ethanol fuel to feed the flames. Moreover, an ethanol fireplace doesn’t give off smoke or harmful fumes, so you can be assured that your guests will stay warm and comfortable under the tent even when it’s raining out there.
Have a few essential items on hand
You’ll want to have a few items on hand in case of a sudden downpour. Have several big umbrellas and ponchos to keep your guests and your wedding party dry. Tarps to line the ground can be incredibly useful to keep mud from staining clothes and shoes. You may also want to have a generator in case of power outages and have some flashlights for everyone.
Make your guests comfortable
When you’re having your wedding outdoors, you’ll want to make sure that your guests are comfortable no matter what the weather will be. It’s not uncommon for some guests to feel cold especially if you’re having your wedding sometime in the early spring, so have a few blankets or throws on hand to keep them warm. If you’re having your wedding at a sunny and warm destination, give your guests fans to cool themselves off and have an usher give out cold bottles of water so no one gets dehydrated. You may also want to rent a few industrial-sized electric fans to keep everyone cool during the ceremony. At the reception, serve a variety of beverages to refresh your guests.
Having your wedding outdoors can be a challenge, but with careful planning, you can have the perfect ceremony despite any emergency. Follow these tips to create a backup plan to keep you and your guests comfortable and happy.
Written By: Cassie Steele