Blog PostTips For A Backyard Wedding

w411dev October 11, 2020

If you’re making plans to stroll down the aisle with that special someone, a backyard wedding is a terrific way to tie the knot, especially during these times. Below are just some of the benefits of having a backyard wedding and some planning tips if you decide it is for you.

Backyard Wedding Benefits

There are a lot of awesome benefits of getting married in your own outdoor space. A few include…

  • The ability to choose any wedding date and time
  • Saves money, since there are generally less guests (which in turn is less rentals, food, etc)
  • Pets can easily be a part of the celebration
  • It’s intimate and carries sentimental value
  • Can include numerous original personal touches

The Logistics

Thinking a backyard wedding could be for you? Start with the logistics. Realistically, how many guests can your backyard accommodate? Create an excel spreadsheet with your guest list and reassess if need be. Discuss finances and allocate responsibilities. Determine which vendors you can pass on due to the venue and which are essential to your celebration.

Find out if you need a special license to host an official ceremony in your private space. Consider purchasing wedding insurance just in case of the unfortunate event that a guest gets injured on your property. Furthermore, have a plan in place to remove any potential hazards from your yard. Also, consider your power sources and if they will be sufficient for the music, lighting, caterer and more. Additionally, assess your parking situation, notify your neighbors in advance and have a plan B in place.

Plan B 

There’s no way to  predict the weather, so its imperative to have a “Plan B” location in place. Whether that be a tent, indoor space on your property, or a completely different location. Having these safeguards in place will keep your nerves at bay and keep the celebrations going.


Although you have the ability to choose the day and time, be mindful of your guests and neighbors. Choose a start time that is convenient for your guests, especially if it is taking place on a weekday. Also, decide on an end time and stick to it as a courtesy to your neighbors. The after party can always take place at a nearby bar. Consider yard games and activities that can entertain guests while you’re busy taking wedding photos.

Theme & Décor 

Once you’ve addressed all of the logistics, the fun begins. Think of planning your outside wedding, in the same manner you’d do in every other venue. What will your theme be? What type of decor do you want? What special touches can you add? You’re probably already running on different DIY thoughts, which lead you to choose a backyard wedding in the first place. Below are some suggestions to inspire you even more. 

  • Hang outdoor string lights to create a warm, magical atmosphere
  • Complement the outdoors by using textured/ patterned tablecloths or runners
  • Use freshly cut flowers as table centerpieces
  • Embrace the space with sofas, chairs and other furniture
  • Laminate photos and string them together to display
  • Let the season and their colors influence the décor, flowers, attire and more

Photos by Katie Horseman Photography