Blog PostTop 3 Tips For Creating Your Outdoor Wedding

wpengine December 22, 2017

Outdoor weddings can be stunning and romantic, but they aren’t typically the easiest events to plan. Although outdoor weddings require additional arrangements and more organization, they are always worth the extra work! Following are some tips on planning a beautiful and fun outdoor wedding experience. 

Ensure Your Guests Are Comfortable

While a sunny day is ideal for an outdoor wedding, a scorching hot day can result in some pretty uncomfortable guests. If your wedding will take place during the summer, or you live in a very warm climate, be prepared to supply your guests with cold bottles of water and personal fans. Also, consider having your ceremony under a tent so your guests are in the shade and available for rent are large fans, that will provide cross ventilation. Plan your ceremony to take place at a cooler time of day and don’t leave your guests waiting outside too long before you walk down the aisle.

If your wedding will take place in late winter or early spring, ensure that your guests won’t be too cold by advising everyone to wear extra layers. For snowy days, provide guests with lap blankets and portable heaters to keep everyone comfortable.

Prepare For A Noisy Backdrop

Many outdoor/destination weddings include a serene body of water, but water cannot be controlled and is often noisy. If planning a beach wedding, think about the roaring and crashing of the waves, the strong breeze near the water, and the various sounds from locals around the beach. You and your guests want to hear your ceremony, so consider a sound system with clip microphones for you, your partner, and the officiant.

Have A Backup Plan

Outdoor weddings come with some sense of unpredictability and will require a backup plan if the weather is not on your side on your wedding day. It pays to be prepared by looking at the weather ahead of time, but sometimes rain or wind can come on suddenly, and the last thing you want is to be left with nowhere to go. Have a Plan B for an indoor location nearby, in case of any weather issues, so your wedding can carry on through rain or shine.

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