Blog PostTop Must-Have Groom Accessories

w411dev March 19, 2018

Whether you want to host your wedding at the beach, in a garden, landmark building, farm, ballroom or urban setting, Maryland gifts you with diversity. 2.1 million couples wed every year in the US, according to a recent survey by the National Center for Health Statistics and if you’re one of them due to marry this year, it’s understandable you want everything to be perfect. When it comes to wedding accessories, the groom’s wedding wear is often overlooked. Regardless of the theme, style or budget of a wedding, it’s the accessories that make the man. Whether the groom has a laid-back, formal, or high-strung personality, below are three accessories that will perfectly complement him and gift him with that sharp, classy and charismatic look.
A Fitting watch 
A wristwatch not only helps to get the groom to the ceremony on time but also adds a touch of elegance. When choosing the right watch for your wrist, you should always go for a timepiece that is designed specifically with your body shape in mind. Whether you have a small or large wrist, a perfect pick is one that is comfortable, matches your outfit and doesn’t look oversize or undersize. A Huffington Post article recommends that you should pick a watch depending on the theme of your occasion. Whether your wedding style is vintage, rustic or beach, find a fit that pairs. With this luxurious investment, you will not only stand out on your big day, but you can also sport it every other day.
Nail Your Neckwear Look
A tie or bow tie adds a dash of flavor and a perfect finishing to the overall outfit. With many designs, fabrics, textures, patterns and colors, you could easily be overwhelmed with what to pick. To start with, choose a tie whose length and width is proportional to your body size. When deciding on color, pick a shade that is in harmony with the rest of your attire and the theme of your wedding. To pair your pattern correctly without clashing, your tie must be one block color when wearing a patterned, checked or striped shirt and vice versa if you are wearing a plain shirt.
Pick Stylish Cufflinks
Regardless of your taste, cufflinks are must-have accessories for a well-groomed man. Choosing the most appropriate ones for your special day can be quite tough. The bullet back and toggle is the most common type as it is secure and easy to fasten. Whether you want a design made of special metal, glass or diamond, ensure you pick a color that pairs with your shirt. For a safer and classy color, go for silver, white, black or blue cufflinks as they can easily be matched with your outfit. Regardless of your style, cufflinks allow you to express yourself and show your passions.
A Unique Boutonniere 
Boutonnieres are a fun way to incorporate interests, the season and/or the wedding theme or color. Some grooms get creative with this accessory, check out unique Boutonnieres on our Pinterest Page for some ideas.
Accessories are an essential part of the groom’s attire. They keep you shining and give you room to be creative and express yourself. For the best results, ensure what you pick is fitting, comfortable and blends with your personality and wedding theme. With the tips above, you’re assured of a stunning look and happy moments on your big day.
Written By: Cassie Steele