Blog PostTop Unforgettable Surprises for Your Bride or Groom

Beth Kilgore April 17, 2021

Your wedding will be a celebration you’ll never forget, but there are a few ways you can make it even more special for your partner. They’ve helped you plan every last detail, so consider an unforgettable surprise for your partner to express your love and gratitude. They’ll adore the unexpected gesture and treasure another memorable moment on your wedding day.

1. Give Your Pup an Invitation

Owning a dog is one of life’s greatest joys, so give them a secret invitation to your ceremony. You can work with your venue coordinator or planner to fit your dog into your big day and give your fiance(e) a big surprise. Your pup could walk your rings down the aisle or burst onto the dance floor.

Photo by Vasylyna Kucherepa on Unsplash

2. Present a Surprise Cake

Who doesn’t love a cake designed with their personality in mind? Grooms’ cakes began as a British tradition that doubled as a second dessert option for guests, but they quickly became a way to celebrate your partner’s favorite things.

Decorate a second cake with your fiance(e)’s hobbies, a favorite quote, or something that will make them smile. Present it at your reception to make them laugh and pull off an extra-tasty surprise.

Photo Courtesy of Charm City Cakes

3. Exit Your Wedding in Style

After your reception ends, it’s time to jet off on your honeymoon and spend some time away as a married couple. If your fiance(e) has a classic car, look into getting it detailed so it becomes a stylish getaway option. It’s one of the top unforgettable surprises for your bride or groom because it celebrates their greatest passion and makes it one of the most significant parts of your wedding.

Detailing classic cars often involves careful steps like polishing after using soap to avoid damaging the car’s paint and other exterior features. You’ll clean every inch of their ride and make it shine so you can both drive away from your wedding in the vehicle that makes your fiance’s heart skip a beat.

4. Invest in Fun Tickets

Planning a wedding requires all your focus, so your fiance might not have thought beyond your big day. Surprising them with tickets to their favorite future events will remind them of everything they can look forward to. Plan to attend the next Super Bowl or a concert they’ve been talking about. They’ll love the thoughtful gesture and get to start your married life with a bit of fun.

5. Order Their Favorite Breakfast Foods

The day after your wedding should start with a delicious meal, so speak with your wedding or honeymoon hotel to arrange for breakfast in bed. It’s a small way to splurge on your fiance and give them their favorite foods. Consider some iconic American options for something extra special.

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Enjoy These Unforgettable Surprises

These are the top unforgettable surprises for your bride or groom that will make them feel seen and loved. Celebrate their hobbies, passions and personality with ideas like these, and your wedding will be more memorable than either of you can imagine.

Written by: Cora Gold

Cora’s passion is to inspire others to live a happy, healthful, and mindful life through her words on Revivalist – wholeheartedly convincing them that everyday moments are worth celebrating. Cora has spent 5+ years writing for numerous lifestyle sites – hence her sincere love for both life and the beauty of style in all things. Keep up with Cora on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.