Blog PostHow To Transition Into Sharing A Space With Your Partner

w411dev April 9, 2018

Many modern couples are still traditional in the sense that they don’t live together until they get engaged or married. Having a sleepover or playing house with your significant other beforehand is fun and helps you grow close to one another, but many couples still want to save living together until there is a stronger commitment to the relationship. Below are a few tips to ease your transition into sharing an address and a last name.

Learn To Cook A Meal You BOTH Like 

Takeout or delivery food is delicious, convenient, and saves you the burden of cleaning pots and pans after a meal, but ordering in for two quickly becomes costly and can make meal time less special. One way to guarantee that you spend time in your new home together is to learn how to make at least one meal that you both love. Whether it’s a family recipe from your fiance’s grandmother or just breakfast for dinner when you’ve both had a hard day, sharing a conversation over food that you both enjoy makes meal time a bonding moment for the two of you.

Eat At Least One Meal Together A Day 

If you have different palettes or dietary restrictions, it is still important to prioritize spending time together during a meal when you’re not looking at a phone, computer or tv screen. A good way to do this is to buy a table for your kitchen or dining room together, and make an effort to eat one meal there together every day.

Get Out Of The House Together & By Yourself

It is very easy to spend all of your time at home once you and your significant other live together. Where you once had to dress up and make a reservation for a date, now you can just curl up on the couch together to watch a movie.To maintain your social lives, make an effort to entertain friends at your new pad, double date with couples you get along with or meet friends at a bar or restaurant that is an old favorite.

In addition to that, you need to both have hobbies outside of who you are as part of a couple. Joining a recreational sports team or attending a paint and sip night with friends can do wonders for your social life, mental health, and can give you time to relax and be just an individual, not part of a relationship, for a few hours.

Respect Each Other’s Space & Needs

The biggest piece of advice any newly-engaged or married couple can take is to respect each other above all else. It is very easy to become overwhelmed with wedding planning, house hunting and work responsibilities. Above all else, you two are moving in together (and getting married) because you are in love, and it is important to make your partner’s needs a priority in your life. Listen to each other’s wants and needs, make your caring for each other known, and you are on track for a happy life together!