Blog PostHow To Turn Your Backyard Into The Perfect Wedding Venue

wpengine August 3, 2018

Backyard weddings are a fun option that come with a lot of benefits. The familiarity of the space being one and saving significant money is another. If you think a backyard wedding is for you, check out our guide to help you plan the event.

Utilize Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Most homes aren’t as expansive as the average wedding venue, so it’s important to utilize as much of your property as possible. The inside of your home should have space for the wedding party to comfortably get ready and possibly house guests for drinks and hors-d’oeuvres. The outdoor areas should flow so guests can easily travel to different sections for the ceremony, cocktails, and reception. For example, set up chairs in the garden for the ceremony, plan cocktails by the pool and then dinner and dancing inside or in a tented area.

Prepare The Lawn and Garden

Your grass and garden will be on full display during your ceremony, so you want the space to look well-kept and manicured. This can be done on your own but start at least two seasons before the event to allow your grass and flowers to grow and bloom, or you can hire a professional landscaper that will go above and beyond to make the outdoor space look inviting and immaculate. If you are leaning towards the latter option, check out the landscaping businesses on our site here to help you.

Invite Vendors To Do A Walk Through

Your wedding vendors should tour the property in advance to go over the logistics of where to best place everything to keep the flow. You and your vendors should assess the electrical outlets onsite and plan who will use which outlet and if generators are needed. Also, it is important to consider if you have enough restroom facilities for the number of guests you are anticipating. During a walk through your caterer will want to plan how they will prepare the meal on site or if they will have to cook at their own location and bring warmers the day of. Food-truck style catering is an option to consider for an easy and fun dining experience.

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Plan Parking & Transportation Accommodations

Do you have enough space on your property for all your guests to park? If your answer is no and most of your guests live driving distance from your home think about working out a deal with a nearby business or church with a large parking lot. You could offer them money or a donation to utilize their parking lot for the day. From there you could hire shuttle buses or a valet service to transport your guests to your home and back. If you are having a lot of out of town guests encourage them to stay in a nearby hotel and have a shuttle transport them.

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