Blog PostUnique Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Destinations

wpengine January 12, 2018

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are always a fun time, but are you and your friends looking for a unique and untraditional experience? While Vegas is still a popular bachelor/bachelorette party destination for brides/grooms and their besties, there are plenty of other destinations and activities for an unforgettable celebration! Think of something you all love or have always wanted to do and plan the bash around that to ensure everyone has a great time. Below are just some ideas that might interest you and your bridal party.   


Do you love to surf or have been dying to try it out for a long time? Grab your best friends and head to a surf spot that offers bachelor/bachelorette party packages! There are plenty of options on the West and East Coast for surfing packages, and many include a private group lesson so you can all try it out together.

Spa Resort

If you’d rather pamper yourself than participate in activities, the spa is a perfect bachelor/ bachelorette party destination. Enjoy a long weekend in a new city that offers a luxurious spa resort for some much needed R&R. A spa is a great place to spend time with your wedding party. Enjoying pre-wedding treatments like facials, manis & pedis with your friends; and don’t forget a wonderful massage for yourself!

Winery Or Brewery Tour

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties often include alcohol anyway, so why not try some new libations and learn about them while you drink! While there are various options of wineries and breweries all over the U.S., there are many great places in Maryland for those who don’t want to travel far. From wine and chocolate tours to private brewery tours with meals; there is a variety of choices for you to chose from.

Budget-Friendly Options

If you or your friends don’t want to spend too much on the bachelor/bachelorette party, there are plenty of ways to have a good time on a budget! Traveling isn’t necessary, but if you want to explore a new place, take the extra time to look for deals on lodging, food and drinks and activities wherever you can. Take advantage of free outdoor activities, such as hiking to a scenic overlook or heading to the beach as a big group. You don’t even need to go out at night to have a great time; playing games with take-out and wine is guaranteed to be a fun time for everyone!

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