Blog PostUnique Engagement/Wedding Photo Session Ideas

w411dev January 22, 2018

Pictures are priceless memoirs. They are pieces of time captured in a frame that allows us to reminisce about both the ordinary and the unique. Every couple who gets married wants to remember their special day. They want to look at their engagement and wedding pictures in their old age and have something to smile about.

Couples often spend a lot of time searching for photo session ideas. They sometimes draw inspiration from life experiences or favorite things. We decided to explore some of these ideas. Hopefully, they help you and your significant other create the most exciting memories and store the most treasured moments of your engagement and wedding.

Movie themes

If you are a movie lover, you can borrow a cue or two from some adorable movies or animations. We are aware that Disney animations have some pretty amazing costumes that will come in handy for must have wedding photos. We would suggest Aladdin, Pocahontas, or even one of the ‘princess-themed’ movies like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Even the movies Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean have some cues to offer if you really want to go beyond the usual.

Profession-centered themes

This is especially cute for couples who want to create photoshoots that reflect the connection between their careers and love. Posing in scrubs in front of the hospital, or sitting on the lawn with a prescription note that says “one pill of Traceylium every day for the rest of your life” can be both funny and romantic. Couples, where one is an engineer and another, has a different profession can also pose in their working gear. Or you both can just choose a profession both of you are not connected to but have always wanted to master! That makes for a unique wedding photo. It’s fun too.

Nature and landscape

If you both are reserved and prefer to opt for something relaxed, a picture of you seemingly finding your spouse among flowers or in the wheat fields is a picture session worth creating. You could even add some farming activity; a tractor, some chickens here and there, maybe horse-riding together. It’s all about creating shared moments that would give you something to keep in your heart for eternity.


A goal in his net? A hoop in her basket? Sounds fun. Favorite sports often hold potential to bring about amazing ideas for a sport-themed picture session. If we are to pick the most promising sports activities – badminton, baseball, football, and basketball will be our top four. Besides, that’s an opportunity to officially discover your sports favorites. Bring it on!


Simple things like shopping, gardening, fishing, and even snorkeling can do. With the proper effects, they cumulate to produce very unique wedding photos that stun. It might even be reading together in the library. This will also give you both a chance to know more about what awesome habits you share together. We will try to encase as many unique suggestions as possible.

Themes based on previous eras

We promise you – you’ll love this! The sixties, seventies, eighties, and even nineties were the periods of major changes in clothing styles. This was true, especially for the English people. With eras like the Victorian era and the ‘hippie times,’ all it might take to create a timeless treasure is an afro wig. And of course, some wide-legged trousers with a douse of bright colors. For people who love regal things, a Victorian-era count and countess beside a vintage fireplace are worth checking out.

These are a few of our compilations. We are aware that there are many more. If you have seen any that we didn’t mention, feel free to inform us. We’ll check them out gladly. Meanwhile, check these out and create memoirs of cherished times for years to come.

Written By: Helen Birk