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Christopher Schafer Clothier

Christopher Schafer wants you to look your best for every one of lifes great occasions. He takes pride in his work and feels that every garment that he creates is a direct representation of himself. Christopher makes sure that all the details are correct and that you get the best fit possible. He will take the time with you to design the best clothing that you have ever owned. This old world work ethic is not going unnoticed, he was voted Baltimore’s Best Tailor by City Paper in 2009, Baltimore Magazine in 2010, and Fashion Awards MD in 2012.

Christopher learned that art of measuring & design to create custom clothing while living in London, a city that had a profound effect on his life. He learned from some of the best clothiers in the world and immersed himself in the English culture. Christopher would frequently visit Savile Row and Jermyn Street to gain ideas and inspiration. The end result was a new style which blends European style and fit with comfort to create clean understated lines. This formula produces fashionable, fitted and comfortable clothing that you will love to wear.

Photo Credit : David Hartcorn, Aaron Haslinger, and Alexander Morozov



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Can’t say enough good things about Casey and Chris. I was able to fit into one of their suits during their sample sale and both of these guys went out of their way to make a multitude of tune ups and changes to make sure my wedding suit fits perfect. I’ll be back for a custom suit in the future.


Christopher is a fantastic resource. He knows his product inside and out. He came to the house, showed my wife and I various options, discussed our budget, and we decided to purchase 2 suits and some shirts and ties. I am excited to get them and would recommend Christopher to anyone that wants to step up their game.

-Jeff R.

Christopher has made numerous suits, coats, shirts and trousers for me. I get more compliments on my clothing than you can imagine. Christopher’s sense of style suits my tastes extremely well and he is one of the nicest people I have met. Christopher is as much a friend as a clothier.

-Marty W.

Christopher is terrific. I typically buy my suits at Nordstroms because of the excellent customer service and clothes quality. Chris delivered an even better customer service experience with incredible clothes right in the comfort of my own home/office. I have already referred several close friends which I would not have done if I was not impressed with him.

-Sonny G.

I should have emailed you a while back. I got about 10 compliments on my suit… no kidding. It was crazy. Then I wore just the jacket to an event and the same thing happened. I feel like a million bucks in it!

-Todd H.

Christopher was right, the minute I put on his suit it was the best fit ever for me. I could feel the quality of the fabric and the lines were perfect. The most impressive part of the entire experience was the attention to detail. Everything had to be perfect and it was. Every corner , cuff, and cut line was exact. Can’t imagine how he did that so perfectly.

-Rick Dempsey
Baltimore Orioles
1983 World Series MVP

For a little extra sartorial splendor with a European flair, Christopher Schafer is the needle master to call. Attorneys, bankers, Orioles, and Ravens count on him for that sharp look you can only get from a guy trained on London’s Savile Row.

-Baltimore Magazine

Christopher Schafer, voted Baltimore’s Best Tailor two years running, returned to hometown Baltimore after an extensive sartorial vision quest in London. A custom clothier tweaking tradition with real expertise to create a new style is just as Baltimore as The Wire.”

-The Huffington Post