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Multiple Locations: Annapolis (Cape St.Claire Rd. & Taylor & Rowe Blvd.), Parkton, Ruxton, St. Michaels, Timonium)

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Graul's Market

Experience  a local favorite. Fabulous wedding cakes have been created throughout the years and come from Graul’s for local couples.  From traditional almond pound cake to the trendy naked cakes adorned with fresh berries, your wedding cake will taste as extraordinary as it looks.

Bring your design  ideas and photos when meeting with a cake expert who will work with you in designing your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  Or, enjoy looking through photos of cakes created for other couples to get ideas.

Schedule a tasting with a qualified cake expert at a time that is convenient for you.  You will get to sample delicious cakes & icings and don’t forget to consider a groom’s cake; create something unique and special as a surprise for him at the reception.

Graul’s Catering offers delicious platters, entrées and a large selection of sweet treats for your engagement party, shower, rehearsal dinner and any other event surrounding your wedding day.

Wishing you years of love, happiness & realized dreams!

Locations Include:

1388 Cape St. Claire Road
Annapolis, MD

Taylor Ave & Rowe Boulevard
Annapolis, MD

2200 Mt. Carmel Road
Parkton, MD

7711 Bellona Avenue
Ruxton, MD

1212 S. Talbot Street
St. Michaels, MD

12200 Tullamore Road
Timonium, MD


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We got our wedding cake from Graul’s Market in Mays Chapel. The cake was delicious and the price was very reasonable. With the purchase of your wedding cake, they give you a voucher to come back on your first year anniversary to get a new bride & groom cake instead of the traditional custom of freezing the top portion. I thought this was a very unique touch. Would definitely recommend!

We hired Graul’s to cater (delivery) a brunch for 60 people after our wedding. Robert was responsive and helpful in planning our menu and the food arrived on time with all the necessary accessories. Not only that but it was delicious!! Absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you so much!!

Graul’s made us a beautiful “naked” cake for our wedding in their rum cake flavor with tons of strawberries! They were extremely accommodating with delivery since our wedding was far from their bakery. Our guests loved the cake! Definitely recommend!

We were looking for a beautiful and delicious wedding cake that wasn’t a million dollars. I LOVE Graul’s Market, because they provided that and more! The cake was even better than I expected, and the guests loved it, too! Highly recommend!

I wanted a smaller cake as I was having other desserts at my wedding, but still wanted to classic cake cutting experience. I went to the Annapolis Graul’s Market and was amazed at the great price for a 2-tiered cake. They took photos of what I was envisioning and provided exactly what I was looking for! They delivered the cake to my reception location, making everything that much easier. I’d highly recommend using Graul’s!

I can’t tell you how many compliments we received on our wedding cake. Not only was it GORGEOUS, but it tasted amazing, and it was half the price of any other cake vendor that we met with. Highly recommend using Graul’s for your wedding cake!

I had multiple people tell me that our wedding cake was the best wedding cake they have ever had. It was delicious, and we did not have any left over! It was slightly difficult getting a hold of someone the week of the wedding to verify drop off times and the final payment, but it all worked out in the end. You cannot even compare wedding cakes from other bakeries to Graul’s, between the taste and the price you literally cannot go wrong.

Delicious, delicious cake and you CANNOT beat the prices for the Baltimore-DC area! Also, Tona was lovely to work with and kindly accommodated last-minute changes when more people RSVP’ed no than we had expected. I recommend getting a small, 3-tier cake and then the remainder can be sheet cake to save money — your guests will never know. I also especially recommend the classic yellow cake w/ buttercream icing & carrot cake. We also LOVE that they offer a complimentary 1-year anniversary cake so you don’t have to worry about saving the top of the cake!

Graul’s did a wonderful job on our wedding cake. I just wish I had a chance to eat more at the wedding!

Graul’s Market is a wonderful choice for those who appreciate value and taste over expensive, dry, tasteless options. Graul’s Market was able to design our two cakes beautifully based on the pictures provided. Beyond the presentation, we received several compliments on our cake’s taste. Even to this day family and friends are asking about our cake and have gone to purchase their own cakes from Graul’s Market even though they do not live in the area. Other specialty bakeries charge anywhere from $4-$9 per slice in the area and when we went for tastings at other bakeries we weren’t particularly pleased. Graul’s offered a better taste and a better value, so it was a no brainer! We are looking forward to enjoying our anniversary cake next year.

We chose Graul’s bakery for our wedding cake because my parents used them 34 years ago and still rave about how delicious their cake was. All these years later Graul’s did not disappoint! We loved the cake tasting because we were able to schedule a time to pick up the cake flavors (in cupcake form), icing options, and filling options, take them home, and mix and match them to decide which combination we liked the best. The cake itself was delicious and the simple buttercream icing with 3 white roses on top looked beautiful. We would highly recommend Graul’s!

We got our Wedding Cake (pound cake with buttercream icing) and mini desserts (cream puffs and black bottoms) from Graul’s Market in Ruxton. Everything was delicious!! All of our guests were raving about the mini desserts. I gave them a picture of what I wanted the cake to look like and they copied it perfectly! I highly recommend them for cakes, desserts, or both!”

I had hoped to stop in today to tell you we were more than pleased with the food last Saturday!!!!! Everything was amazing. The tenderloin was perfect (I had never had anyone else do that for us before), perfectly sliced, etc. and all the other food was wonderful too. The crab dip disappeared quickly and so did the shrimp cocktail.

We used Graul’s Market bakery for both our rehearsal dinner cake (carrot cake with buttercream) and wedding cake (almond pound cake with buttercream). We chose Graul’s for several reasons: 1. Their cakes are SO GOOD 2. Their prices are extremely reasonable compared to specialty bakeries 3. They can do any design that a specialty bakery can do. I had a very specific design idea for my wedding cake, and gave them a very detailed description with some pictures when I ordered the cake a few months prior to the wedding. They took my ideas and created EXACTLY what I had wanted. Plus, everyone raved about how great the cake tastes. If you want to have a beautiful wedding cake that people will actually enjoy eating, definitely go with Graul’s!

We got our Wedding Cake (pound cake with buttercream icing) and mini desserts (cream puffs and black bottoms) from Graul’s Market in Ruxton. Everything was delicious!! All of our guests were raving about the mini desserts. I gave them a picture of what I wanted the cake to look like and they copied it perfectly! I highly recommend them for cakes, desserts, or both!


I hired Graul’s to make a groom’s cake for the Rehearsal Dinner. My husband is a Pilot with the Air Force, and I really wanted a 3D cake in the shape of his plane. The other places I took my ideas to wanted to charge me $600-$800 for a cake that fed 50! Instead I went to Graul’s, who made an incredible 3D replica that tasted amazing (red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting) and best of all, cost me $125!!! It was definitely a hit!

Graul’s came through for us! The cake we had was delicious, beautiful, and incidentally very reasonably priced. I can honestly say it was the best cake I have ever tasted. Graul’s has many cake options and designs to choose from. Karen Abrams, the catering manager, is patient, pleasant, and organized. From cake tasting to delivery to the venue, the whole process was worry free. We also chose to have Graul’s deliver platters to the wedding shower and after wedding brunch. Karen helped us make just the right choices, and all of the food was delicious. We would recommend Graul’s in Ruxton to any future bride!!

After realizing how expensive wedding cakes were, we heard about Graul’s wedding cakes from our caterer. They gave us a free tasting and showed us some pictures and I was sold! For $200, we got an amazing cake for 75 people. People were commenting on the cake and how good it was. It was also beautiful! This was such a good deal and Lisa was so nice to work with! I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to spend $1,000 on a wedding cake!

Beautiful cake! I provided pictures and they did a fantastic job decorating the cake exactly how I wanted it! It was actually tasty too! For the best value in cakes (for 75 guests we paid less than $350) you have to go to Graul’s Market!

Graul’s provided an amazing cake for our wedding. Not only was it beautiful but it was delicious too! They were a pleasure to work with and have been my go-to bakery for years!

I was trying to avoid going to Whole Foods for an over-priced wedding shower cake, and someone recommended Graul’s. I got the BEST cake, nicely decorated and everyone thought it was the best thing they had ever tasted! Even the bride-to-be, who was starving herself to be sure she fit in her dress, had two pieces. A phenomenal cake at a very affordable price. And locally owned! Highly recommended.

We had too much cake for the number of guests, but what was amazing to me is how much they ate! The entire top two layers were demolished in minutes, and the bottom layer about half was gone. We took some pieces for friends and ourselves, and ended up with about 10 pounds leftover that I took to my office the following Tuesday. Three full days after it was baked, it was still moist and delicious – all the leftover was gone within hours of being delivered to my office. What’s amazing is, upon my return to work how many people saw me and said, unsolicited, “Thank you for the wedding cake – it was delicious!” That is a true testament to the quality of your work 🙂 Of course everyone asked me if we kept the top. When I explained that you send an anniversary cake, to save couples from having to nosh on freezer-burned year-old cake, everyone thought that was a great idea, and wondered why other places don’t do that. The answer, to me, is that even in a service industry, Graul’s has always stood out for going above and beyond.

One more comment… To any bride with visions of a TV-show type fondant-covered cakes, remember you’re not going to be framing photos of your cake and hanging them on the wall. If you want guests – and yourselves – to actually eat the cake and enjoy it, Graul’s amazing buttercream icing is the only way to go!

Kind regards,


We got our wedding cupcakes from the Graul’s on Padonia Rd. We were not interested in a cake and thought that bite size mini cupcakes would be perfect for our celebration, Graul’s said “No problem”. They helped us calculate how many cupcakes we would need based on the size we chose and the number of guests. We also wanted to have brownies which Grauls provided. Both dessert items were delicious and up to Graul’s high standards.

The cake was delicious!! Everyone raved about how much they enjoyed it!

Thank you!!

-Joanna and Jimmy Matthews

The cake was delicious and looked exactly how we had envisioned!

Thank you,

-Emma (Prince) O’Keef

We had a great wedding day, and the cake fit perfectly into our decor. We, along with our guests, loved it!

Thank you again!!


-Jon and Carly Mau

Thank you so much! We really loved our cake and heard nothing but compliments from everyone about how delicious it was. Here are a few of the pictures we have gotten.

Thanks so much.

-Tom and Jess Geilfuss

So many of our guests said that our wedding cake was the best cake they had ever had. Tiara was so sweet and helpful throughout the whole process and our cake turned out beautiful. We can’t say enough how delicious the cake was – most of our guests went back for seconds and thirds! Grauls also made us several pies for our dessert table to offer guests another option and those were delicious as well. They were much more reasonably priced than any other bakery we looked at and our cake looked so beautiful and professional. Our guests were literally raving to us about how delicious it was. We couldn’t have made a better choice!


We booked our wedding cake with Graul’s and it was delicious! The whole experience was great. We went to the Roland Park location and had a tasting, which was fun and very yummy. We picked red velvet cake – normally they can’t use cream cheese frosting because it is too heavy for such a large cake – but they worked with us to make the top layer cream cheese frosting and the rest buttercream, so we could get our favorite frosting without weighing down the cake. We dropped off the cake toppers in advance and on the day-of, the cake arrived on time and ready to go, exactly as we wanted. On our one-year anniversary, they are going to mail us a small version of our cake – we are already excited for it! The price was great value, the best I found for a wedding cake, and I think it tasted much better than many traditional wedding cakes. We highly recommend working with Graul’s for your wedding cake!!!

-Sara F

Reading about wedding cakes was making me crazy. Most of the lousy things I’d been steeling myself to expect were basically eliminated by Graul’s.

And we paid half what we would have for a similar cake at another place.

I would give this place ten stars if it went that high. Thanks, Graul’s!

-Cassie S

I got the BEST cake, nicely decorated and everyone thought is was the best thing they had ever tasted! Even the bride-to-be, who was starving herself to be sure she fit in her dress, had two pieces. A phenomenal cake at a very affordable price. And locally owned! Highly recommended.

-Keisha T