Mary Kay Cosmetics - Beth Feinstein, Independent Sales Director

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Mary Kay Cosmetics - Beth Feinstein, Independent Sales Director

As my customer, my goal is to help you feel the most comfortable in your skin as possible. Whether through one-on-one consultations, parties, free samples, and skin care advice, you will always have the chance to try before you buy and I’m here to help you every step of the way! I also carry a full stock so you can often receive your products on the same day.

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Mary Kay Cosmetics - Beth Feinstein - $25 Gift Certificate with Personalized Skincare or Color Consultation

Experience personalized skin care, a color consultation and a $25 gift certificate designed to fit your needs and busy lifestyle. With a focus on skincare, we will use award-winning products that are specifically designed for cleansing, toning, suppleness, exfoliation and hydration. For your makeup needs, creating an individual look that you can recreate is key, whether it is a transitional day into night look, a natural easy-going everyday look, or learning how to rock a smoky eye and wing tip eyeliner. *cannot be combined with any other offers


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