Ocean Hall Events LLC

36889 Bushwood Wharf Road
Bushwood, MD 20618

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Ocean Hall Events LLC

Looking for a gorgeous, outdoor, rustic, waterfront, and historic venue with a private beach?

Look no further! Ocean Hall is located in the heart of Bushwood, offering people the opportunity to enjoy and see Ocean Hall, one of the oldest unique brick colonial homes in America. Listed in 1973 as a National Historic Landmark, my husband purchased and began a major restoration of Ocean Hall in 1979. Today we are elated to begin our next journey– having our property and house available for ceremonies and receptions.

Our property is situated in a large cove on the mouth of the Wicomico River. It offers an expansive natural beach with a dramatic nine-mile vista of water that includes the Potomac River. We also have a rustic barn and our 4-acre waterfront yard offers you endless options for your special day.

Enjoy your ceremony/reception in our river front yard. Relax and watch our beautiful sunsets.

Make it your day in an unforgettable way!


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