Sandy Bottom Sparkling Rum Cocktail

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Sandy Bottom Sparkling Rum Cocktail

SANDY BOTTOM® Sparkling Rum Cocktails. A premium pre-mixed sparkling rum-based cocktail brand with natural flavors of coconut, lemonade & lime, and natural colors.

The product was born through the synthesis of good times, great friends, and summer afternoons spent on the waters of the Chesapeake .SANDY BOTTOM® Rum Cocktails are a sparkling rum-based cocktail with natural flavors of coconut, lemonade and lime. It’s natural pale pink color is derived from fruit and vegetable juices. The product is 7% ABV & Gluten Free & only 165 calories, and delicious served over ice! The eye-catching beautiful aluminum bottle can is a 200 ml single serving. The unbreakable, portable, lightweight bottle is convenient for women with our busy lifestyles. It’s great for the beach, boating, camping, bachelorette parties, patios, and tailgating. Women CARE about PRESENTATION… that’s why we ACCESSORIZE! Enjoy SANDY BOTTOM® over ice in your favorite glass to ELEVATE the FUN!


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