Blog PostWays to Make Sure Your Wedding Night Will Work

wpengine June 28, 2017

Start by picturing a wedding experience. Incorporate elements others haven’t thought of before and ditch the conventional. It’s ok to love soft piano music, but weddings are all about dancing all night long, enjoying the best food, and sipping the finest drinks. Here are some guidelines on how to make your evening party unforgettable to family and friends.

Customized wedding program

Creating the best wedding program makes sure your guests don’t get bored. Put your imagination to good use and personalize your stationery with catchy, charming details. For example, you can include a “menu”. Break down the program and mention any important events guests should be expecting. This will capture their attention, for sure. It might seem like a busy schedule, but it’s a great way of making sure people are having fun all night long. 

Get your own wedding #hashtag or app

Since we live in a world of technology, why not make the most of it? There are lots of wedding apps you can use to make your wedding truly amazing. Some of them invite your guests to make their own photos and upload them onto the app to make an album. Others provide updates related to your wedding so that your guests don’t miss out on any important events. Need something even smarter than an app? Create your own #hashtag, and use it to tag your guests and uploading photos. This way your wedding will be memorable, and the whole social media environment will know about it.

Plan the best seating chart

We all want to have the best time at our wedding. To make that happen, we have to make sure all of our guests feel comfortable at their tables. Whether you have catering services or a buffet, it’s very important to have well-organized tables. Start by grouping people you know best. Then, move on to people you know very little about, and last but not least, “the strangers”. Placing people with similar interests but who don’t know each other will help them socialize and interact a lot better. Before you know it, they’ll get up and start dancing.

Get your own signature cocktail

No wedding party is complete without drinks. Customized drinks are the best because it keeps guests curious to try them all. A smart idea might be to make your own drink. Talk to a professional bartender, and mention three of your best beverages. He will know exactly what combos to make for your custom wedding cocktail.

Preparation – dress, hair & makeup

To make sure your wedding party is a success, everything depends on the bride’s mood. Grooms are not that picky. However, women just can’t have fun if they don’t feel confident. This year’s trend is centered on simplicity. A strapless sheer white wedding dress that complements the shape of your body might be just what you need to really feel amazing. As far as makeup is concerned, nude with a striking, matte lipstick and discreet blush & highlighter should give you the confidence boost you crave to have a good time, and dance all night long.

Last but not least, the hairstyle.  A simple hairdo that falls naturally on your back or several beach waves should be enough. Give up the hairspray as this year’s trend focuses on simplicity. Timeless styles are the simplest, and also the chicest. They last all night long, which is just what you want to dance all night long at your wedding party without messing up the hair.

Are you ready for the big day? Now that everything is almost set up, spend time taking care of your body. Eat healthily, drink a lot of water, and use a cleanser for oily skin every evening to make sure your face looks impeccable before the wedding date. The more you care for your skin and hair, the more beautiful and confident you’ll look on your big day!