Blog PostWhat To Wear For An Engagement Photo Shoot

wpengine January 26, 2018

Engagement photo shoots are one of the most special events during an engagement.  It captures their love and the couple will cherish the memories of this special time during their marriage. Whether the professional photographs are used for save-the-dates or put up in the home, couples want their engagement photos to turn out as beautiful as possible! Deciding what to wear can be a tough task, but we’ve got some tips on how to choose the right outfit.


Rule number one for photo shoots is to choose something comfortable, as no one wants to be uncomfortable while getting their photo taken. The engagement photo shoot should show a realistic version of the engaged couple, as dressing up too much or wearing something completely different makes the photos impersonal. While it can be fun to wear fancier outfits than usual, it’s important for everyone to stay true to their personal style!


Coordination doesn’t mean the couple’s outfits have to match, but they should at least look good standing next to each other! Some colors and patterns just don’t look great together on camera, so couples should try on a few different clothing options and compare the outfits before the photo shoot. Ask the photographer their opinion on what works and what doesn’t from behind the lens.

Think About The Venue

The surroundings have a huge effect on outfit choice, as the couple should blend in and look as though they belong in the location. Many engagement photos are taken outside, and the location will dictate the type of clothes worn. For example, you wouldn’t wear heels when walking in the woods or wear something sleeveless in the snow.

Feel Confident

Engagement photos are a very special memory all couples want to keep for years to come, and everyone should feel beautiful and confident during the session. Some people take the photo shoot as an opportunity to try out their wedding hair and makeup, to ensure they look great and feel confident.

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