Blog PostWedding Day Beauty Preparation Timeline

wpengine January 19, 2018

Feeling beautiful and confident on your wedding day is what you strive for. It’s essential to take time before this occasion to prepare your mind and body. Wedding day preparation is different for everyone, but everything you do should be done with the intention of making yourself feel great. Whether that means taking a yoga class and clearing your mind or going to the spa for a facial and massage, your wedding day preparation is a time to treat yourself! Following is our suggested beauty preparation timeline with ideas of things you can implement.

8 Months Before

At approximately 8 months out, take the time to slowly venture into any new changes you want to introduce into your lifestyle; whether it’s a new diet, exercise routine or new skincare product. Starting early is the best way to allow your mind and body to adjust to the change and give you time to modify things to maximize their benefit. For example, a new skincare product may cause a breakout or a new workout plan may leave you feeling exhausted instead of energetic. Experiment with new routines or products that work best for you to ensure you’ll be in a great place mentally and physically on your wedding day.

4 Months Before

This is the time to start experimenting with different hairstyles and makeup artists to discover your desired wedding look. Four months gives you plenty of time to try as many styles as you’d like and to try different artists to find the perfect one who you’re most comfortable around and who will accommodate your needs. You may have an idea of the type of look you want for your wedding, but the right beauty professional will help you finalize the look and products you love.

1-2 Months Before

At this point, you should be feeling confident and happy. Remember that the scale doesn’t measure happiness – it’s all about how you feel! If you know that eating more greens and adding a fitness class to your routine will make you feel more energized, this is the time to do it! Doing a little extra now, like getting a tan, whitening your teeth, getting a haircut or moisturizing can make a dramatic difference in how you feel and look. The possibilities are endless.

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