Blog PostWhat Your Wedding Dress Says About You

w411dev April 16, 2018

Wedding dresses are unbelievably personal to each woman who wears them, and as they should be; it’s the outfit you’re wearing as you close one chapter of your life and begin the next. It’s a symbolic choice as well as a fashion one and it will always hold a timeless sentimentality no matter how much the trends change since your big day. There are so many different designs and styles to choose from and what your wedding dress says about you can be deduced from all the choices you make about its length, color and fit.

Slip Dresses & Sheaths 

Some brides go for elegant simplicity, opting for styles such as slip dresses and sheaths. These are ethereal in their effect and allow for ease of movement while molding to the woman’s frame. They’re usually unadorned but this does not make their effect any less stunning and this simplicity also allows for statement jewelry and makeup.

Ball Gown & Mermaid Silhouettes

Classic ball gowns and mermaid silhouettes tend to be a little grander, but this doesn’t necessarily make them a better choice – just an alternative one. What these wedding dresses could say about you is that you want to go all out on your big day and fulfill that romantic princess fantasy. Of course, a sheath style dress is just as beautiful, but they definitely have a subtler appeal and take up less room than a ball gown!

Short Dress

In a similar vein, choosing a shorter wedding dress can simply mean that you don’t want to be encumbered with the excess material of a ball gown or long slip dress – maybe you’re just looking forward to when the dancing gets started! This could be a sensible move as well; there’s far less risk of tripping up or ruining your dress!

Skirt Suit & Casual Dress

Some brides go a slightly less conventional route and choose not to wear the typical white wedding dress. But even if you’re not wearing a wedding dress, this decision can still say a lot about you. For example, it may highlight that you are engaging in a themed wedding in which case a classic white dress wouldn’t make much sense. It could simply be a sign that you want to steer away from tradition and maybe push the boat out by opting for a skirt suit or a cute summer dress.

Vintage Gown 

Some brides decide to lean into the sentimental value of the wedding dress and wear one that was worn by a family member before them, usually a mother or a grandmother. Vintage is always “in” but this is also a wonderful way to maintain con-nections with your past, even while making an enormous step into your future.

There is no such thing as an incorrect decision in terms of your wedding dress, and the perk of their being so many styles and choices is that there really is something to suit everyone; what it says about you ceases to matter as long as what it says to you is positive.

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