Blog PostWedding Gifts For Dog Lovers

w411dev December 26, 2017

When two people have a wedding, the assumption is that they have a lot in common. You have to love a lot of the same things to keep a relationship going. One such thing is keeping a dog! You either love dogs or hate them, and there are no two ways about it. When couples agree to have a dog, it almost becomes like a child in the family. Have you heard of people that call their dogs their babies? Well, dogs are precious and fill our lives with such joy.

Hence, when you attend the wedding of two dog lovers, you can do nothing better than give them a gift for their dog or something they can use to keep their pet happy and safe. It’s a way of acknowledging their fur baby and showing them that you care about one of the most significant things in their lives.

It’s never easy to give other people presents; especially if you want to give them something for their beloved dog. However, there are some factors you can consider (listed below) that will help you pick something unique and at the very least useful for their pet. Some specific gift items are included as well.


First of all, consider the basic needs of a dog. Chances are you will come up with something your dog lover friends can use for their pet daily.


Dogs are easy to please in this respect, you just have to make sure the gift you get is safe for them.

  • Treats Many dog owners use their favorite treats to teach them tricks or help them get some discipline. However, many of these treats are expensive, so the dog can only have them once in a while. If you can find out the kind of treats that your friend’s dog loves and get them in bulk, it’s a great gift.
  • Blanket: Many dogs love to cuddle with objects such as toys and blankets. It’s good to get the dog a soft, warm blanket that’s only for them. They can use it on their dog beds or lie with it next to their owner on the couch. Some dogs end up loving their blankets so much they take them everywhere in the house. Make sure you buy one that is warm and machine washable so that they can wash it regularly.


Ask yourself if the dog has any unique condition or ailment so that it will guide you on therapeutic things you can buy for it. In this category, you can think of aging dogs, those with chronic ailments like arthritis, or even something as simple as a dog that has just come from a shelter and needs more TLC than usual.

  • Fitness tracker: It’s important to give a dog enough exercise so that they don’t get fat, become disgruntled, or develop health issues. However, many dog lovers are also busy with work and other commitments. It’s hard to know whether the dog has enough exercise or not. Hence, a dog collar fitted with a fitness tracker will help your dog lover friends give their pet enough of a workout each day.


Dogs are special, and they differ in temperament and behavior just as humans do. If you have spent time with your friend’s dog(s), it will guide you on what they love and what they hate so that you can purchase an appropriate gift.

  • Warm jacket:  Sometimes it’s cold outside, and it’s hard to take our furry friends out for a walk without feeling like we are torturing them. Many of these doggie coats cover the whole torso so that their bodies stay warm and snazzy. You can buy them in a variety of designs and colors and also make sure they are easy to wash too. Some shops even give matching t-shirts for the owner so that they can have matching outfits while out and about.
  • Treadmill: Dog Treadmills are great for dogs that like a lot of exercise but sometimes have lazy owners or they live in an area where it rains a lot.


Best of all you can buy a gift for the dog owner to use with their dog. These are items that will help them better manage the dog or to use when spending quality time with them.

  •  Dog car seat coverAlthough many dogs love going out on a car ride, they often make a mess in the car. A dog seat cover that will cover the seat area thoroughly so that the dog can move around and even hang on the back of the driver’s seat without messing the car seats is a good idea. They are waterproof and washable and are also of a sturdy material that can withstand any rough dog activity apart from chewing of course.
  • Dog tote bag or backpack carrier:  Some subways and places don’t allow you to bring your dog in on a leash. In such cases, dog owners have to carry their pets in a bag. Get them a tote that is a bright color, easily washable, made of sturdy, durable material and that has pockets for treats and other items. A backpack carrier is great for small dogs.
  • Customized dog art memorabilia: You can purchase anything from wine glasses to paintings to even shirts that have their dog painted or stenciled on them. All you have to do is take a picture of the dog and send it to the companies that make such products.
  • GPS tracking dog collar: When we can’t find our pets, it can be a nightmare. Often dogs run off to explore and leave us sick with worry. Hence, a GPS tracker for the family dog is a great way to keep track of our dogs. There are dog collars fitted with tracking devices that are comfortable to wear and discreet. Some of these collars will even store other information such as the temperature of the dog and the number of steps it takes as well as map out its favorite routes and more. Many of these trackers will notify you by text or email when the dog goes far off safe places such as the home backyard.
  • Gift coupon for time at the pet groomers: Dogs need grooming every once in a while. The groomer is where they go to get their nails cut, have their hair shaved, get a doggy massage, and have a nice pamper session. It’s not cheap, but it’s a great way to treat a dog especially if they are elderly or suffering from a chronic ailment.

These are just a few guidelines and examples to help you pick wedding gifts for dog lovers that will add value to their dog’s life. Dogs are easy to please, and dog lovers are great people too. Hence, if you think hard and put your heart into it, you are likely to get a great gift for your friends.

Written By: Lori Longoria