Blog PostWhat To Pack For Your Honeymoon

w411dev August 13, 2018

You’ve just experienced the happiest day of your life, but now the real fun begins! The honeymoon period starts now, with a relaxing stress-free vacation as newlyweds. So, whether you’ve spoilt yourselves with a luxury Caribbean cruise or are jet setting off to Europe – there’s a lot of packing to do. Here’s a guide for the essentials you need to bring:

Travel Entertainment

You may have a long-haul flight ahead of you. If that’s the case, then you’ll definitely be needing some entertainment. Bring a couple of good books and magazines to while away the time. Alternatively, why not download some news apps on your phone to read onboard? You could also keep a few games on your phone, two-player games will entertain the both of you!

What To Wear

The outfits you pack for your honeymoon depend entirely where you’re going! Assuming you’re headed off to a sunshine destination, then essentials such as beachwear and swimwear are a must. It’s also worth bringing outfit combinations that you can mix and match so you’ve got a few options to choose from during your stay. For the evenings where you’ll want something a little dressier opt for a classic dress that you can dress up with accessories. Even the simplest of dresses can be made glamourous with the addition of a rose gold watch or dazzling necklace. For the groom, pack a smart/casual suit or shirt, unless you’re going to a luxurious restaurant, in which case full suit attire is needed!

Useful Information

Download useful information about the area on your phone via a travel app. Or alternatively, bring a guide book that will let you know everything you need to know about the area. You can plan ahead on days out and excursions to make the most of your stay. Your hotel should have useful information too, so make the most of the local’s knowledge. Make sure you bring a camera to catch all the memories of the trip.

Written By: Sophie Lodge