Blog PostWhat’s Your Love Language?

w411dev January 23, 2018

Communication and Love- That is said to be the secret ingredient to a long and healthy marriage. Is love just a feeling? According to Dr. Gary Chapman there are five ways in which people communicate and feel love-these are called “love languages.” Most people have one primary love language and one secondary love language. Learning about your own and your partner’s love languages will help you determine what you each find rewarding in your relationship and help you fill each others want and needs, which in turn can create a closer and more fulfilling relationship. Below are the description of the 5 love languages. Are you curious to know what yours is? Scroll to the bottom to take a self test to find out. Visit pick up Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages The Secret to Love That Lasts to learn even more.

The 5 Love Languages


Words of Affirmation is feeling best when your partner uses words to “build you up” or affirm you with compliments, praise,etc.

Example: When you partner says to you “You look amazing in that dress!”



Quality Time is all about getting your partner’s undivided attention, being together and spending time with one another.

Example: You and your partner go out to dinner and talk and stare into each other’s eyes the whole evening.



Receiving gifts is when you feel most appreciated by getting a tangible object from your partner.

Example: Your partner brings you flowers and chocolates just because.



Acts of service is when you feel love when your partner does little things to make your life easier (chores, errands, etc). Actions speak louder than words to you.

Example: Your partner cooks you dinner so you don’t have to.



Physical Touch is feeling appreciated by appropriate touch from your partner.

Example: Your partner gives you a long hug when you get home from work.



Self Test

Below is the Self Test you can take if you are in a relationship in order to discover your Love Language. Write down A,B, C, D or E- you will have to tally your letters at the end of the quiz. This quiz was retrieved from

The test can also be taken online by singles or by parents to learn about a child’s Love Language at