Blog PostWhat’s Your Money Love Language?

w411dev February 6, 2020

We all give and receive love differently. Some like to be told they are appreciated, and others like to be shown. The majority of people know the famous relationship guru, Gary Chapman, who discovered the five major love languages and how to navigate them. Oddly enough, these love languages also come into play with how you may like to spend your money. 

The five categories in which the majority of people prefer to express and receive love are: 

  • Acts of Service: Any action carried out to help someone else. 
  • Quality Time: Setting aside time to spend together without any interruptions or distractions. 
  • Physical Touch: Being physically close to reinforce your connection to one another.
  • Words of Affirmation: Verbal or written statements that ensure your love and appreciation for one another.
  • Receiving Gifts: Tangible and thoughtful proof of your love and support.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to reveal you and your loved ones money love language to help plan this special holiday. Follow Mint’s flowchart to see how love languages may be affecting your finances.