Blog PostWinter Skin Care Routine To Be Winter Wedding Ready

wpengine October 26, 2018

A skin care routine is best to be followed all year long, but each season brings new temperatures, conditions and problem areas which should lead you to a new skin care routine specific for the winter months. If you are preparing for your winter wedding and don’t want to miss out on the flawless, glowing look that brides and grooms in other seasons seem to possess, read on for a few essential product recommendations to add to your daily routine. Of course, each routine and product is also determined by your skin type, age, and sensitivity.

Cleansing Oils

While a foaming face wash is good for the warmer months, your skin needs nourishing oils during the fall and winter. Add a cleansing oil to your nighttime routine for makeup removal. The oil will dissolve any dirt and it doesn’t strip your skin of its essential natural oils that protect your face from becoming sensitive or inflamed.


There are many versions of toner on the market that cater to the type of skin you have. We recommend toners that are alcohol or fragrance-free. An aloe vera-based toner will hydrate your skin, tighten pores, restore your skin’s natural pH, and help moisturizers and serums sink into your face.

Moisturizer With SPF

We all know how critical it is to wear sunscreen in the summer, but it’s important to wear SPF on your face all year-round. Even when the weather is cold and overcast, UV rays can cause skin cell damage and premature aging. Choose a creamy moisturizer with SPF for the winter months to keep your morning routine simple and effective.

Eye Cream

The skin under your eyes are very sensitive and require a lot of attention especially during the winter months when skin is prone to dryness. Research eye creams that target your main goal, moisturizing, darkness correcting or diminishing fine lines, to find the right formula for you. Creams with vitamin C are best for brightening, collagen is for tightening. You may want a product that helps with all three so it’s smart to read reviews before purchasing. The benefits of most eye creams can’t be seen overnight, so it is extremely important to stay consistent with these products to see results and be winter wedding ready.  

Lips & Hands

In addition to facial skin care, your lips and hands will need some prepping for a winter wedding. Chapped lips make it difficult to wear long-wearing lipstick and dry hands can take away from photographs of your rings. Exfoliate your lips every few days to remove dry skin patches and choose lip products with natural oils, shea butter, and vitamin E.

For your hands, keep a quality moisturizing hand cream or lotion in your purse or desk drawer and apply it throughout the day. If your hands get extremely dry, treat them overnight by applying a lot of Vaseline and covering your hands with a soft pair of gloves. By trapping the moisturizer overnight, your skin will absorb the product, and you’ll be left with baby-smooth skin.


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