Blog Post3 Ways To Make Guests Comfortable at Your Wedding

wpengine March 2, 2018

Wedding guests are a very important part of your celebration. They are the people that love and care for you and your partner and want to wish you well on this next journey in your lives. No matter if your celebration is with 5-500 guests, you want to make them feel comfortable and content. Although the wedding is about you and your partner, wedding decisions should be made with guests in mind. Thoughtfulness and incorporating small touches to ensure they have a great time makes all the difference.


One of the most important aspects of guest comfort is the seating. Your friends and family deserve a comfortable place to spend the evening. Most guests will likely move around to mingle and dance, but they will always come back to their seat to eat and rest between songs. Though some couples opt for partial seating receptions due to venue space limitations, we believe it is important to provide enough seats for all guests, so they feel like they have a space at the reception. As a bonus, the seating you choose can act as decor for the wedding venue, by incorporating different textures and bold colors. Check out our rentals & décor resource page for ideas on traditional and untraditional seating options.

Food and Drink

Many wedding guests claim the best parts of the wedding reception are the food and drinks. What better way to treat your guests than with delicious food options? This can be tricky though since your guests will likely have very different tastes, various food allergies, or dieting restrictions like vegetarian or vegan. To accommodate everyone, it is best to create a menu with various options: meat, seafood, pasta, greens, etc. By offering a wide selection of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy, you’ll ensure that no guest feels left out from enjoying the delectable spread. Visit our caterers resource page to connect with catering professionals who can help you create a wholesome menu.

Small Touches

There are endless small touches you can provide your guests throughout your wedding day to improve their overall experience. When trying to decide what to do, put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would like if you were the guest. Little things such as providing fans, sunscreen or sunglasses for sunny outdoor weddings may not seem like much, but your guests will be grateful for the thoughtfulness. Also, providing flip-flops at the reception is another small touch that is extremely easy to plan for. Guests with uncomfortable shoes will be happy to exchange them for the flip-flops as the night goes on. No matter how small the special touch is, your guests are guaranteed to have an amazing time if you put an effort in to ensure they are comfortable throughout your special day.

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