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Wedding411 has had the opportunity to connect and assist thousands of local, engaged couples over the last ten years. These engaged couples appreciate that Wedding411 is owned and operated in Maryland and that we have our pulse on all of the latest local trends, hotspots, and happenings within this beautiful state. Wedding411 is a multi-media marketing company targeting the wedding industry. It provides resources to engaged couples by connecting them to top services and vendors whose passion and expertise revolves around the actual wedding day and all of the special events surrounding this extraordinary time in the couple’s lives.

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Our Team

Karen & Jay Buck Karen & Jay Buck

Karen & Jay Buck


Wedding Date: December 5, 1998

Inside the unfinished construction of a home that we were building

April 9, 1999 at The Cloisters Castle, Lutherville, MD

We took our honeymoon 1 year after our wedding. We went to Las Vegas for 4 days and then to Ruidoso, New Mexico for 10 days.

Stand Out Memory
We were planning a wedding for April 1999 and building a home all at the same time. The home was going to be finished before our wedding date. Our minister would not marry us if we chose to live together first, so… Jay asked if I would like to move the wedding up to the following Saturday. We did! We put our wedding together in one week! We were married and moved into our home. Then we celebrated with our family and friends at the reception we were planning, 4 months later. It certainly helped to have the connection to fabulous vendors who could make it all happen in 7 days.

Beth Kilgore Beth Kilgore

Beth Kilgore

Client Services Manager/Bookkeeper

Wedding Date: May 5, 1990

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Glyndon, MD – Tea reception was held at their Parish Hall.

We stayed for 3 nights at a quaint B&B called Liberty Rose in Williamsburg, VA

Stand Out Memory
We were so happy to finally get married! Birdseed was thrown at us when we left the reception (rice no longer allowed) and my MIL threw a handful in the sunroof of my Mazda as we were driving away. Took weeks to get all that seed cleaned up!

Melissa Ramirez Melissa Ramirez

Melissa Ramirez

Graphic Designer

Wedding Date: September 24, 2005

Baltimore, MD

Hilton Head, SC

Stand Out Memory
My most favorite memory from our wedding would be dancing to our live salsa band. My husband is from Colombia and loves salsa music. Leading up to the wedding we held several salsa classes for our US friends and family. Everyone danced the night away.

Megan Mikulsky Megan Mikulsky

Megan Mikulsky

Marketing Coordinator

Wedding Date: Not yet!

Baltimore, MD

Stand Out Memory
Although I don’t plan on getting married yet, I have attended numerous fun and exciting weddings!
My favorite memory has to be of a friends wedding reception located in Virginia. The venue had lots of fun activities including a zip line! The kids enjoyed it, but it was the fully robed Priests and Nuns that had the most fun! It was hilarious to see them gliding through the trees in a procession-like manner.