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Pro TipIntroducing An Exciting & Unique Venue That Offers Fun For All Ages 

by Brandi Snyder— Event Sales Coordinator, York Revolution Professional Baseball

Do You love Sports? The lively environment of a stadium? Are you still searching for the perfect reception venue?

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Pro Tip“Is fashion important to you? Is your impact on the environment important to you?

by James Barger, Men's Style Advisor - J.Hilburn

J.Hilburn factors both of these ideals when creating custom clothing. Our products are made-to-fit and made to last..

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Pro Tip“Planning ahead is key! As soon as you order or purchase your wedding dress – book your alterations appointment.”

by Joy Pelt, The Joy of Sewing & Embroidery Service

With 25+ years of experience, Joy is an accomplished seamstress, and a designer providing personalized sewing and embroidery services. She is passionate about what she does, working with customers to create unique pieces.

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Pro TipStop following everyone’s advice, check them out for yourself. There is enough information available these days to make an educated decision – if all the boxes tic, then book it!

by Brad Zisow— Owner, Bradley Images

There are so many important decisions to make when planning your perfect wedding day and one key element is the photographer.

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Pro TipDeciding On Your Picture-Perfect Venue Requires Thought & Decisions Before Exploring Your Options

by Linda Pierce— Owner, The Gardens at Bethlehem Farm

Aligning your vision, number of guests and financial resources, while staying true to yourself, requires communication & flexibility!

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Pro TipChoosing a Florist for Your Event

by Paul Raimondi Jr. & Marie Gaydos— Co-Owners, Raimondi's Florist & Cafe

Secure a Florist who grasps your vision, will listen, dream with you, and create the look & ambiance that goes a step beyond your expectations!

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Pro TipAssisting Couples Find Their Starter or Dream Home by Listening, Communicating, Honesty & Professionalism

by Amy Bull Smith, Amy Bull Smith

A GOOD real estate agent “knows” the area and can pull up information on houses, townhouses, and condos that are available. A GREAT real estate agent is involved in the community, knows about the school system, where the closest shopping is, and can share about the area with knowledge; guiding you to the moment when you both find your perfect home.

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Pro TipCreating a Happy Environment by Providing Quality Coffee Anywhere

by Josh Dew— CEO, Vagrant Coffee

Did you know that great coffee is available to be served outside of the 4 walls of a coffee shop? A state-of-the-art, mobile latte and expresso bar offering a beverage menu of coffee, with or without alcohol for you and your guests is available. Mobile carts or customized Mini Coopers are waiting to come to anywhere that two or more people are gathering. A great added touch for your reception, rehearsal dinner, shower, or for any occasion.

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Pro TipDocumenting Your Wedding – Insuring a Fabulous Keepsake For Future Generations

by David Hercenberg— Producer, Documented Video Productions

An insurance policy cannot protect your wedding memories. Capturing emotions, priceless moments, and all of the little, yet important, details with a skillfully crafted production will protect your keepsake for years to come.

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