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Pro TipHow To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Day Makeup

by Lindsay Shields, #NoFilter Glam

It’s the morning of your wedding. You wake up excited, nervous, and a little anxious. You’ve dreamed about and planned this day for months, maybe years. Every detail has been planned to perfection from your dress down to the font you used on the invitations. There is a sense of relief knowing the hair and makeup artists will be showing up soon and with that, the beginning of one of the best days of your life. It should be a relaxing start to an unforgettable day.

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Pro TipMake A First Impression with Custom Wedding Invitations

by Cink DeVeas, Cink Art, LLC

The first impression of your wedding is also a glimpse into what is to come. It is when the tone and vibe of the special event, that you are planning, happens. This is imprinted in the mind of your family and friends when they receive the Save-The-Date or open the envelope of your invitation.
A professional wedding stationery designer, like Cink, will take the time to listen to your love story and learn about your personalities and interests to create the perfect iconic design that is meaningful to both of you.

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Pro TipFinding Your Dream Dress

by Betsy Robinson, Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection

When it’s time for you to shop for your Wedding Gown, there are three main elements to making it a memorable experience that results in the purchase of your dream dress.
1. Be honest about your budget – not only does it make it easier on your sales consultant, it also helps you
avoid time spent worrying over tough choices.
2. Have an open mind! Good salespeople know their inventory, how it fits and things you may never have thought of.
3. Most importantly MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Everything about your Wedding Day
should make you smile from the inside out.

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