Blog Post4 Beauty Secrets To Achieve Your Ideal Wedding Look

wpengine February 19, 2018

First and foremost, it is important to remember that makeup and beauty items are to enhance natural beauty. Many trends are taking the scene that might be of interest to you, whether you are going for a subtle, barely-there look or a more dramatic and defined guise on your wedding day. Keep reading for a few beauty secrets that can help you achieve your ideal look.

Airbrush Makeup

When planning wedding day makeup, many people want a look that will photograph beautifully and will last all day. Airbrush makeup may be new to you, but it an excellent choice for wedding day makeup. The foundation goes on extremely smooth and natural and is so lightweight that you won’t even feel it. Unlike other foundations that can look cakey or fade quickly, airbrush makeup blends in with the skin and lasts all day without smudging!

Lip Masks

While plump lips are on trend right now, you don’t need to get lip fillers to achieve the full lips of your dreams. Lip masks are a very popular trend, you only need 15 minutes to keep your lips feeling soft, lush and kissable. The results are meant to be subtle, but make enough of a difference to keep your lips looking and feeling great on your wedding day.

Eyelash Extensions

Every beauty-lover has heard of the eyelash extension trend, and brides everywhere agree that it’s worth the hype! The extensions are meant to be a lower-maintenance alternative to fake lashes, which have always caused problems for brides. False lashes tend to fall off due to tears, wind, or heat, and you shouldn’t have to worry about eyelashes on your big day. Extensions give you the lashes of their dreams without having to worry about touch-ups, as they stay on for weeks at a time- meaning they can even last through your honeymoon!

Vitamin B

If your hair is looking a little dull in the weeks leading up to your wedding, try adding some more Vitamin B into your diet. Vitamin B helps to bring out your hair’s natural shine, and can really make a difference in your wedding day photos. Foods such as fish, nuts, and eggs are high in Vitamin B and can help your hair get that shine back. Also, a scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment can do wonders for your hair, as they help to stimulate hair follicles and add volume and body.

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