Blog Post4 Creative Wedding Send Off Ideas

wpengine August 24, 2018

You plan to make a grand entrance on your wedding day, so why should your exit be any different? Your send off will be the last time your guests see you at the wedding, so be sure to go out with a bang for unforgettable memories and extraordinary photos. Read on for four send off ideas that steer away from the traditional rice or bubbles.


Balloons are a fun send off for a daytime wedding! Supply each guest with one or two balloons to release as you make your exit. It will be magical gazing into the sky and seeing colors that compliment your theme or venue. It will also make for charming photos until the very end of the celebration.

Confetti & Flower Petals

Confetti and streamers are another colorful and creative idea to incorporate into your wedding exit. You can find various confetti and streamers at a local party store for an affordable option, or you can opt for buying personalized, hand-made confetti poppers online. Flower petals also have a similar effect and add a romantic element as you walk hand in hand out of your wedding with your new spouse.

Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns have been used more frequently in festivals and celebrations in the last couple years. People believe that setting a lantern free into the sky will bring good luck or release their worries. Have guests write down a few well wishes for you and your partner on their lantern and then set it free. Imagine having a hundred sky lanterns illuminating the night sky; talk about romantic and breathtaking photos!


Sparklers are another illuminating exit option. Supply the sparklers and ask your venue coordinators to light and dispense as guest make their way outside for the send-off. You and your spouse will walk through a sea of shining light held by your loved ones. 

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