Blog Post4 Myths Wedding Guests Should Ignore

wpengine September 21, 2018

Do you think you know everything about being a great wedding guest? While there are many truths to common wedding guest etiquette, there are also many myths! Read below to learn about the most popular myths that wedding guests should ignore.

Myth 1: No Black Attire

This fashion rule may have been followed a long time ago, but today, it is completely acceptable to wear your favorite black dress to a wedding. The season and theme will likely be factors in your attire, as black is not the ideal color choice for an afternoon spring or summer ceremony, but it is perfect for an evening wedding. If the dress is festive yet formal enough for a wedding and won’t be mistaken for funeral attire, there is no reason to avoid wearing black. 

Myth 2: An Invitation Includes A Plus One

Couples spend a lot of time including crucial information on their wedding invitations, so be sure to read your invitation over very carefully. If the invitation does not include the phrases “plus one” or your name “and guest,” that means you do not have the ability to invite another person to go with you. You want to be respectful of their decisions since they most likely must work around space restrictions and a budget.

Myth 3: Guests Are Not Responsible For Accommodations

Whether you are attending a local wedding or are traveling across the country, don’t expect the couple to pay for your accommodations. Most couples reserve blocks of hotel rooms to give guests the option of staying close by at a discounted rate, but the couple is not responsible for paying the bill. If you’re not sure where to stay, ask a member of the wedding party or parents of the couple for recommendations. 

Myth 4: Ask The Couples All Your Questions

As a wedding guest, you will likely have many questions that you want to ask the couple; wedding registry, transportation and accommodation options to name a few.  Before reaching out to them ask others who may have the answers, including the maid of honor, best man or couples’ parents. You must remember that the couple has a lot to do to prepare for their wedding day, so respect their time and space. 

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