Blog Post4 Truths About Lab Grown Diamonds

w411dev September 1, 2023

Lab grown diamonds have burst onto the scene over the last two years and are riding a wave of popularity as more people choose them for ethical, eco or just plain value reasons. Here’s a quick primer on the four key things to know about lab grown diamonds to help you decide on whether they are right for you.

They’re Exactly The Same As Mined Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are created using the same natural processes as diamonds produced by mother nature – extreme heat and pressure. However, instead of the process taking millions of years, it takes just a few months.

What this means is that even a jeweler wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a lab grown stone and a natural one.. So if you don’t want to tell people that you went lab grown, no-one would ever know!

They’re Not ‘Fake’ In Any Way

Unlike diamond alternatives like moissanite, lab grown diamonds are recognised by the diamond industry and the FTC as real diamonds. This has led to a phasing out of the term ‘synthetic’, which was previously used to describe lab grown diamonds. Instead, they are usually called ‘lab grown’, ‘lab created’ or ‘cultured’.

They Deliver Incredible Value

Diamond prices are based on rarity – the rarer an attribute is the higher the diamond is priced e.g. ‘flawless’ clarity is exceedingly uncommon in natural diamonds and as a result they come with a high price tag attached.

Rarity isn’t such an issue with lab grown diamonds as there is a theoretically infinite supply, so prices are significantly lower. Just how much lower will depend on what you are looking for, but they can be anywhere from 50% – 70% less expensive than mined diamonds.

You Can Focus On Getting A Diamond That Will Sparkle Brilliantly

When you’re buying any diamond, whether it’s natural or lab grown, it’s important that it is accompanied by a certificate from an independent laboratory. This will tell you everything you need to know about the cut quality, color, clarity and carat of the diamond.

The key thing to remember is that your diamond’s ‘cut’ is the most important factor in determining how much your diamond will sparkle! And the good thing is that the great value that lab grown diamonds offer mean that you can choose a stone with the highest cut quality possible, without sacrificing on the other factors, so you can make sure your diamond will sparkle brilliantly.

Written By: Ringspo Professionals