Blog Post5 Luxury Wedding Accessories For Modern Brides

w411dev October 29, 2018

Whether you’re planning a black tie or a semi-casual wedding, it’s only natural that you want to look your most spectacular. After all, this is your day to feel like a princess, a goddess, and regardless of what kind of wedding gown makes you feel this way, you deserve a luxury detail or two to truly take your wedding look to a new level. That is exactly why we have prepared a list of the ultimate wedding accessories that are bound to make this day all the more spectacular, not to mention your overall look.

Timeless Pieces 

When it comes to jewelry, less is more, so our recommendation is to keep things simple and elegant. Whether you’re wearing a satin gown with no details or an extravagant one full of beads and even lace details, an unobtrusive and simple saltwater pearl necklace is the perfect choice. There is something undeniably alluring and even sentimental about a pearl necklace, it emphasizes the entire look without stealing the spotlight.

Helpful Handbag 

We’re here to remind you of the wedding accessories that might not be at the top of your list, but should be! Carrying a small handbag on your wedding day will not only enhance your look but will be super helpful. You may want to touch up your lipstick, check the time on your phone or tip a vendor that goes above and beyond. While you will want this accessory to match your overall outfit, you don’t need to break the bank. A simple and solid clutch will never go out of style. Alternatively, if you’re someone who believes a handbag makes or breaks the outfit opt for a pearl-covered clutch that will enhance the romantic and timeless look everyone strives for.

Head To Toe Details

One of the biggest trends, not only in the bridal collections, are hairpieces. There are many options like crystal or diamond hair pins, floral headbands or tiaras. This is a great place to incorporate your “something blue” if you look for  translucent blue crystals or even diamonds. Whether you go big or small a luxurious hairpiece that will complete your hairdo immaculately.

Cinderella Moment 

At the top of your wedding accessories list is most likely your shoes. You deserve a pair of romantic and luxurious wedding shoes that match your personality. Luxury can take many shapes and forms, from quirky glittery heels such as the ones Irregular Choice is famous for, to classic glam and an almost ethereal pair of crystal-encrusted sandals in a poignant hue, and for added extravagance, perhaps something with ostentatious yet chic feathers. In their own way, all of these embody romance, it just depends on your personal taste.

Touch Of Bling

Finally, you should frost yourself with even the tiniest bit of diamonds. The perfect way to incorporate them into your look is with a pair of diamond drop earrings. If you are opting for pearl wedding accessories, you can  find pearl earrings with a touch of diamonds. The two stones can work together to keep your look stylish and timeless.  After all, nothing says luxury or ‘forever’, for that matter, like diamonds do, and you can choose the size of the stone according to your personal taste.

Written By: Sophia Smith