Blog Post5 Simple Outdoor Wedding Décor Ideas

w411dev August 24, 2021

Outdoor weddings have become more common in recent years. One reason being is couples want gorgeous scenery for the backdrop of their special day. Are you planning your event outdoors? With the scenery being the main attraction you can choose to include simpler outdoor wedding décor that is still sure to complement your space. Keep reading for five great ideas.

Flower Garlands

The best way to decorate your outdoor wedding is with stunning blooms. Flower garlands are simple yet they can transform the look of arches, tables and chairs.

Paper Décor

Paper décor is an affordable DIY option. Hanging origami cranes, pom poms and spiral streamers are great 3D decorations that come in a variety of colors and styles to match your wedding theme.

Alternative Seating

Many outdoor wedding packages include the classic folding resin or chivari chairs, but if you want to add uniqueness to your setup incorporate some alternative seating. Ideas include benches, hay bales, ghost chairs and patio furniture. Stop into consignment shops or borrow backyard furniture from close family and friends for mix and match seating. Not finding what you are looking for? Local rental companies have many options to choose from.

Potted Plant/Flower Aisle Markers

Potted plants and flowers make for beautiful aisle markers and you can continue to enjoy them long after the wedding day is over. Head to your local garden center and talk with their specialists about what plants are best for the look and feel you are going for. Purchase all your materials and DIY!

Outdoor Piano

With all the money you saved on your other outdoor wedding décor, consider splurging on one décor piece. An outdoor piano and talented pianist will elevate the wedding space and bring a romantic vibe.

Written By: Riya Sander: Riya is an inspired writer. With her years working in marketing communication, she is delighted to work with aspiring small business owners. Connect with Riya on Twitter, @sanderriya.