Blog Post5 Wedding Details You Don’t Want To Forget

wpengine November 9, 2020

There is a lot of planning and detail that goes into wedding celebrations. Sometimes the little details get overlooked and the day of the event you might find yourself wishing you had planned for them. To avoid this, we’ve compiled a list of the top five wedding details couples tend to forget. Read on so you can plan for these special touches that will make a difference on your wedding day.

Under-dress Essentials

You’ve spent so much time finding the perfect wedding dress, but the look is not complete without the right accessories and under-dress essentials. When trying your dress on for the final fitting, dress as though it is your wedding morning to ensure everything looks seamless. This may include a strapless bra, corset or Shapewear to make sure you and your dress look beautiful from every angle.

Getting-Ready Outfit

Many brides opt for a photoshoot with their wedding party while getting ready, but do you want to take pictures in your everyday pajamas? The getting-ready photoshoot may be one of the highlights of your day, and will result in happy and candid photos with your closest friends. Be sure to have an outfit set aside for the getting ready process that will look great in pictures but won’t mess up your hair or makeup when you take it off.  A luxurious white robe is an excellent choice and your wedding party can wear matching robes to complete the look.

Gifts For Parents

Whether they are paying for your wedding or have been a constant form of support during the planning process, your wedding day should have a few moments dedicated to your parents. Your parents won’t be expecting a tremendous gift, but a thoughtful card or sentimental gesture is a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation. Your wedding day will also symbolize the unity between you and your spouse, so it’s also a great idea to have a simple gift for your new mother- and father-in-law as well.

Beauty Kit

Keep in mind that you will be traveling light on your wedding day, your wedding clutch or purse will likely not have the space to carry some essentials. Make a plan with your maid of honor or mom to keep a beauty kit on hand or in the nearest restroom for touch-ups or emergencies. This can hold your lipstick and concealer, but also random necessities such as bobby pins, tweezers, Q-tips, antacids, allergy medicine, mints, perfume, stain remover pen, floss and anything else you may need. Up the quantity of each product and allow your guests to utilize them if needed as well.

Personal Touches

Once you’ve checked off most of your wedding planning checklist, go back and see if there is any room for personalization. You will likely find that small customizations can make the biggest difference and make your wedding feel even more special. For example, choose custom monogrammed cocktail napkins, a signature drink you love, a neon sign of your favorite quote or a family photo wall to celebrate the joining of families.

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