Blog Post7 Phenomenal Food Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

w411dev January 15, 2021

Winter weddings require special, fun planning. The weather is a major contender in what venue you choose and what your dress looks like, but it especially plays a role in how your guests experience your big day. The right decor will make your venue look as toasty as your guests feel once they’re inside, but then what’s on the menu? Every wedding guest looks forward to the ceremony and quickly grabbing a plate at the reception right afterward.

Avoid serving your guests cold food on a cold winter day. Instead, try including these seven phenomenal food ideas for your winter wedding in your menu. They’ll love each dish almost as much as they love supporting you.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is an easy food that pleases guests, even those with food allergies. Serve it in small glasses with a slice of grilled cheese for a quick and easy appetizer. You can also make it one of your main dishes if you’re a hardcore fan of the combination like most people.

Mac and Cheese Bites

Cold weather makes people turn to comfort food. Serve a classic mac and cheese recipe at your winter wedding or get creative with it by ordering mac and cheese bites with bite-sized grilled chicken pieces or bacon on top.

Hot Chocolate With Toppings

After your guests take their first few bites, they’ll love washing everything down with hot chocolate. Make the experience more fun by providing popular hot chocolate toppings, like marshmallows or whipped cream and candy canes for stirring.

Pan-Roasted Sea Scallops

Seafood and winter weddings blend perfectly when you pan roast food like sea scallops for a steamy entree. They’re bite-sized and easy to fill up on, so everyone can get the portion size they prefer.

Chocolate Lava Cakes

Lava cakes make for gorgeous dessert pictures and an even tastier dish. Order a few platefuls with your catering or make them on your own by spending just fifteen minutes in your kitchen.

Salmon Pasta With Garlic Sauce

Fish is known as a summer menu item, but you can still serve it at your winter wedding. Pair skinless salmon with fettuccine to create easy salmon pasta, all topped with a creamy garlic sauce your guests will adore. Photo via

Endless S’mores Bar

Start a bonfire outside or set up a charcoal pit inside so your guests can enjoy an endless s’mores bar at your reception. Include creative ingredients for extra fun, like candy and different flavored marshmallows. Photo via Pinterest Oh Best Day Ever. 

Choose What You Love

At the end of the day, your wedding is all about what you love. Choose the foods that will make you happy after saying your vows. Comfort foods, desserts and seafood are all great foods to build your menu around while you’re still planning your winter wedding.

Written By: Kacey Bradley 

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