Blog Post8 Bridal Wedding Accessories To Complete Your Look

w411dev September 30, 2019

Wedding accessories are the finishing touches to your wedding day ensemble. Below we list 8 options. Have fun looking around for your wedding accessories and select the items that speak to you and your style.


A classic wedding accessory is the veil. Veils come in a variety of styles and designs. Sometimes a simple veil pairs best with an intricate dress, while an ornately designed veil can elevate the look of a simpler dress.


A belt with a wedding dress? Yes! More and more brides are adding a splash of sparkle or color by adding a belt to their wedding gown. The right belt can transform your look.


Bridals gloves were popular wedding accessories back in the day, but are not seen as often anymore. They are still a classy accessory that you can opt to wear though, just be sure the gloves are the same color or slightly lighter than your wedding dress.


When choosing what jewelry to wear, you should consider three main things: your hairstyle, wedding dress and skin color. Bracelets are usually the easiest jewelry piece to choose. A sterling silver bracelet is a common choice because of it’s affordability, versatility and abundance of options.


Pumps, flats, sandal, small heel; there are many wedding shoe styles. Online has an abundance of options, just be sure to read reviews to see how the shoe fits, comfort, return options, etc before purchasing.

Wedding Tiaras

A wedding tiara will help you attain a regal wedding look. They are also a reflection of inner beauty and dignity.


A bridal clutch purse may be one of the more needed wedding accessories. They are good for holding extra cash to tip a vendor, your lipstick for touch ups and your phone. Get one that matches your dress color or go for silver, gold or blue.


Although the tradition of removing and throwing the bridal garter has become less common in recent years, some brides like to still wear one to acknowledge the tradition. A fun idea is to perform the garter removal during your first night alone with your spouse.

Written By: Emily Lin