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w411dev September 13, 2017

Planning a bridal shower for your favorite bride-to-be can be a lot of pressure, but creating an affair to remember doesn’t have to be as challenging as you would think! To do so, you’ll first need to think about the personality of the bride. While some brides are drawn to all things pink, soft, romantic, and girly, there are some with a more quirky and eccentric personality. Some brides are more of a “plain Jane” that appreciate simplicity and others love everything to be exuberant and over the top. There are many factors that contribute to a bride’s personality, and it’s important to celebrate her for exactly who she is during this special time!

Furthermore, examining the personality of the bride is the first step in planning the perfect party that suits her interests and helps her to celebrate in her authentic style. Keep reading for some ideas to contribute to a creative and original shower to match each specific bridal style!

For a bride that loves all things girly

Flower arranging class

A bride that loves all things romantic and girly is bound to love a beautiful floral centerpiece, and what better way to celebrate than to incorporate a flower arranging lesson into her special day? This is something fun and interactive for the whole group. It’s nice to take away a new skill from a celebration, too. Give your favorite bride-to-be the perfect way to get in touch with her feminine side with this creative shower idea, and everyone will have a built-in take-home gift that they’ll love!

Spa day

Why not throw an ultra-girly bride a spa day to help her relax and indulge before her walk down the aisle? Set up manicures, pedicures, and face masks for all the attendees and give out homemade bath bombs as favors. The bride will leave her celebration feeling pampered and pristine, and she’s guaranteed to love something as feminine as this.

For an eccentric bride-to-be

Host a vintage inspired tea party

Instead of a traditional bridal shower, throw a more eccentric bride a tea party that is inspired by all things vintage. Utilize thrift stores or yard sales to collect vintage and mismatched tea cups and saucers as well as miscellaneous decor. This will give the party a quirky look that any eccentric bride is bound to love!

Include a yoga class

If your bride-to-be loves to get her zen on, include a yoga class in her special celebration. You can easily have one outdoors or even inside, and it’s a great way to connect party attendees spiritually and to give everyone a chance to do something different.

For a simple bride

Make it a recipe swap

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring when it comes to a wedding shower! One way to keep things simple while putting a special flair on the party is to ask the attendees to bring their favorite recipe written down to give to the bride. This is perfect for someone who likes to keep things simple as it’s a small spin on the day, and it’s something that will provide her with recipes that she’ll love and use for years to come! Functional and fun – how about that?!

Do brunch

This is another theme idea that is simple yet exciting! Make the shower into a brunch filled with mimosas, decadent pastries, and lots of time to chat, relax and mingle.

For an extravagant bride

Host a Mad Hatter tea party

Some brides just love things to be over the top, so indulge your favorite BTB for her shower. One way to do this is to have a full-blown Mad Hatter tea party theme going for the event. This should be filled with whimsical decorations, food that’s on theme, and bountiful and colorful flower arrangements. This will prove to be a day that the bride will never forget, as it’ll be just as extravagant as she is!

Focus on glitz and glamour

Some brides just love all things sparkly, so why not make her shower in line with that interest? Focus on finding decor that is sparkly, adorn the tables with white flowers, and keep the champagne flowing to make it the day of her dreams!

Throwing the perfect shower that has a unique spin is totally within reach! Start by determining the personality of the bride and it’ll be easy to follow one of these stellar ideas to give her a shower day she’ll never forget.

Written By: Naomi Shaw

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