Blog PostFaux Calligraphy Tutorial For A DIY Wedding

w411dev February 11, 2019

DIY wedding elements are not only a great way to cut down on your wedding budget but they are also a great opportunity to show off your creativity and personal style as a couple. Beautiful and polished handwriting takes a DIY from amateur to professional with a couple of strokes. If you don’t know how to create flowing calligraphy then faux calligraphy is your new best friend! Faux calligraphy is a simplified version of calligraphy that yields the same gorgeous results. Faux calligraphy can be added to a variety of different projects including signs, table decor, party favors, banners and more.

In a quick overview, faux calligraphy is created by starting with free-hand or stenciled lettering. Next, draw lines parallel to the downstrokes and fill them in to create an illusion of the classic fountain pen look. Make sure that your lines taper well so they look as natural as possible. For more details, check out this faux calligraphy tutorial infographic by ProFlowers below! They created step-by-step instructions, handwriting practice sheets and design inspiration with different ideas of how to use faux calligraphy.