Blog PostHoneymoon Destinations For The Adventurous Couple

w411dev May 14, 2018

You will likely consider your wedding day to be the best time of your life. However, you should not forget about your honeymoon. This should be your most memorable week. If you are an adventurous person, you must want to look for that place that will offer you the most thrills. There are numerous places around the world where you can let loose and enjoy to the maximum. Some of them include those highlighted next.


If you are looking for one of the best adventure honeymoon destinations, look no further than Hawaii. This is the best place to mix relaxation with adventure as it offers both. The most recommended place is Kauai, a place you can hike along the Na Pali Coast. The views are breathtaking with a majestic 300’ waterfall. The 4-mile trek might prove a challenge; but, isn’t it what adventurous couples are looking for?

Cape Town, South Africa

Are you looking for a mix of daring feats? Well, go to Cape Town for your honeymoon. You will get to cage dive with big white sharks in a tranquil setting while downing endless glasses of tasty wine. Start off by climbing the popular Table Mountain, which is the ideal place for getting great city views. It is also close to the Last World Constantia, which is a private luxury hotel that is built in the middle of secret vineyards and gardens.

If it happens to be the full moon period, take a hike to the Lion’s Head while sipping from a bottle of wine. Enjoy the views of the simultaneous sunset and moonrise. Adventurous couples also get a chance to paraglide from the Lion’s Head peak. Before your honeymoon package comes to an end, remember to look out for the big five safaris where you get to see lions, leopards and elephants from up close.

Queensland Classic 

This is one of the most serene honeymoon destinations for adventure and relaxation. Visit one of the oldest rainforests on earth- the Daintree. Have an outback Australian adventure before catching a flight to a magnificent Lizard Island, which is one of the best resorts you will find in the Great Barrier Reef. A road trip in Queensland will be a great experience, but avoid getting a demerit check point as this might spoil the fun of your honeymoon.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

For most adventurous couples, what attracts them to Mexico’s Caribbean coast are not the beautiful beaches, but the Rio Secreto. This harbors different underground caves, caverns and rivers where the visitors can take a hike, a swim and snorkel past some dramatic stalactites and stalagmites. Some of their resorts are eco-conscious where you can snorkel in coral reefs, take a swim in cenotes or bike via the jungle to the pyramids. Do not skip the pre-Columbian ritual in the Temazcal Sweat-Lodge with your lover.


There is no other place in the entire world where you can go for scuba diving between two tectonic plates apart from Iceland. This is, however, not the only fun thing that you can do while there. The country is known as the nation of ice and fire. This is because of its hot springs, lava fields, black ash desert, glacier hiking, snowmobiles and ice cave explorations. In Iceland, there are endless possibilities. Do not miss the Northern Lights spectacle, which is usually the grand finale of the wintertime.

Marrakech, Morocco

If you are daring enough, consider taking a trip to this northwest African city that is found at the foothills of Atlas Mountains. There, you will enjoy incredible views, tastes and sounds. Their food is very addictive, and you will get incredible photo ops. One of the best experiences would be to learn the old art of falconry, which will make a great story back home.

Paris, France 

No honeymoon destinations list would be complete without the mention of Paris. This is the ultimate lovers’ destination. The best way to enjoy the place is taking long walks to soak in the beauty of this big city. Do not miss the Le Jardin du Luxembourg, the Louvre Museum and Seine River. Is there a need to mention the Eiffel Tower? Their boutiques are fully stocked to meet everyone’s preferences. Dine in their fine restaurants for a romantic time.

Indulge in these incredible adventures and get to enjoy the best time of your life. After all, a honeymoon period should be the time to explore the world with your better half.

Written By: Riya Sander, an inspired writer who loves traveling, cooking, crafting and yes! sipping a good coffee. Follow her on Twitter.