Blog PostIce Ice Baby: Enhancing Your Reception With Cool Ice Displays

w411dev January 8, 2019

Talk about the perfect “ice breaker”. Give your wedding the WOW factor – carved from solid blocks of ice. From “Mr. & Mrs.” vodka luges, to diamond ring-shaped frozen silicone molds, to an entire working ice bar, present your wedding guests with “cool” frozen features they will never forget. Read on for unique, custom and memorable ice displays.

Vodka Luges

Guests will enjoy chilling at your personalized vodka luge. A vodka luge is a large block of ice, beautifully crafted into the sculpture of your choice and frozen to perfection! Popular carvings include the couple’s initials, “Mr. & Mrs.”, hearts and the word “LOVE”.

A hole is then drilled through the top of the ice so vodka or cold beverages can be poured in. The vodka is chilled as it flows through a channel and caught at the bottom by mouth or a glass. Luges last an average of 4-6 hours and can be displayed and enjoyed on top of a sturdy table or bar. Pair your carving with good lighting and fresh fruit for a breath-taking display! Contact your event planner, wedding caterer or reception venue host to get more details on this cool ice display.

Photo via Pinterest: So Eventful

Ice Silicone Molds

Step up your whiskey game and give your cocktails some charm! There are many ice silicone molds that can compliment your wedding theme, from snowflakes in winter, to flowers on a summer day. Diamond rings and heart shape molds are other popular representations for love that will be sure to flatter any drink. Try a silicone cup mold to create fun, frozen shooters. Simply freeze the rubber molds like regular ice cubes. Compared to plastic trays, the ice is easier to pop out; just squeeze or twist! Molds can be purchased online, at local retail stores and at most supermarkets. For some extra flair in this ice display, freeze flowers in ice cubes for a touch of color, or fresh fruit for an edible treat.

Photo via Pinterest: Thrifty Geek

Ice Bars

Station a full decorative bar made of ice to keep your beverages cold and your guests amazed. Ice bars are catered to hold several bottles of liquor and chill food on its icy bar top. The possibilities are endless, because there are many bar designs to compliment your special day. For a personal ice display, have your wedding date and/or names laser-carved out.

Photo via Pinterest: Paul & Sylvia Photography& Design

Blocks Of Ice 

Another popular feature to enhance your “icy tavern” or reception tables, are ice buckets that hold your bottles of champagne or wine for the special toast. Fruit, flowers and decorative accents can be frozen into the ice bar and buckets, as well as ice punch bowls and serving bowls, to keep the theme of your wedding vibrant. If you desire to incorporate nature into your wedding, pressed plants, butterflies and floral bouquets frozen in blocks of ice provide the perfect statement pieces for any table or pillar. Ice blocks are intended to last for the entire reception, so you can enjoy the color and detailed décor all night long.

Written By: Kristen Fox