Blog PostHow To Incorporate Unique And Personal Touches Into Your Wedding Ceremony

wpengine December 1, 2017

While it’s easy to plan your reception exactly how you want, a wedding ceremony has so much tradition that it can be hard to add any unique ideas. While wedding traditions are often very meaningful and important to the ceremony, it’s a good idea to add some personal touches! Your ceremony should always be about you and your partner and it is the time to show your friends and family who you are as a couple.

Include Letters From Loved Ones

While we all want our closest loved ones to be there and share this special time with us, sometimes people are unable to attend. If you know in advance that a family member or close friend won’t be able to make it to your wedding, ask them to write a letter or film a video so they can be included in the ceremony. Including the words of love and encouragement from someone close to you is a great way to make the ceremony feel unique and personal.

Modern Handfasting

Handfasting is an old ritual that symbolizes the joining of two lives by binding the couple’s hands together with ribbon. This tradition is being used in modern weddings, often with a slight twist to make the ritual more personal. Couples who already have a child together may choose to use the child’s baby blanket as the ribbon, symbolizing their family coming together. Other couples use items from relatives who have passed away, such as a grandmother’s scarf or grandfather’s tie, to honor loved ones and incorporate those who are no longer with them into the ceremony. Handfasting can be a lovely, heartfelt ceremony within your marriage ceremony or can be the whole basis of the service.

Plant A Tree Together

Planting a tree together during the ceremony is another way to show unity, as the tree will grow throughout the years and will always be a symbol of your love. While planting a tree is perfect for an outdoor wedding, potting a plant works just as well for an indoor wedding. This can become a yearly custom for couples with children. Potting and watering a plant as a family is a great way for the children to be a part of the ceremony, and symbolizes a family uniting as one.

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